If I were to write a book…

btt  button Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme which poses a question or a thought for participants to discuss centering on the subject of books or reading.

I haven’t done a Booking Through Thursday for a very long time, but today’s question piqued my interest:

Cathy De Los Santos asks: If you could write a book, what would it be about, and why? (Though, of course, some of you already HAVE.)

I’ve thought about it.

One book I’ve given thought to writing is a devotional book for pre-teen and teen boys, because I haven’t really found anything I liked along those lines when I’ve read them with my youngest. I’ve seen some good books and Bible studies for them, but not a short devotional — they all tend to try to be too trendy or “hip,” and that kind of approach sadly fails, in my opinion. And others are a little off in their theology. Having raised three boys, there is a lot I’d love to say to guys, and there are things I hope my own have picked up along the way. But then I ask myself, why would any teen guy care what a middle-aged mom he doesn’t know has to say?

I’ve also thought of writing missionary biographies. Personally, I’d rather read and point people to the old ones, but some people don’t want to labor through the older language or the ponderous details and history of them. This desire has been renewed since picking up a new biography I had high hopes for but am a little disappointed in — the language is updated but the writing style does not draw one in at all (more on that when I finish and review it). The story of one of my favorite missionaries is spread out over several of her books, and I’ve often thought someone should blend them into one — and I’ve given thought to giving that a try or trying to write a new biography of her.

I’ve also thought of writing Christian fiction, but I have very little idea of what to write. For years I’ve had in mind a couple of characters: a teen girl who moves to a new place with her family, reluctantly does something for an elderly neighbor, strikes up a friendship with her, and the older woman becomes something of an unofficial mentor to her. But that’s about all I’ve got, even though, as I said, I’ve had them in mind for years. I’m not sure where to go with them, where to take them. I’m not a very decisive person , and there are multitudes of decisions to make when writing fiction. With non-fiction, especially biography, your source material is there: you just have to decide how to present it and organize it, what to include and what to leave out, etc. But with fiction, you’re making everything up as you go, and you can go any number of directions!

So far there hasn’t really been time to delve much into any of these, but maybe now that my youngest has graduated……..we’ll see how the Lord leads!

I know a couple of my blog friends have written books, one published and one on its way! I may be coming to you for advice if/when I follow in your footsteps.

What would you write if you were to write a book?

4 thoughts on “If I were to write a book…

  1. I do hope you write a book, Barbara. You’re such a good writer and always have meaningful things to share!

    I’ve thought about writing a book, but since I don’t know what to write about yet, I think I should wait. 🙂

  2. Now THAT is an interesting question! I only know that if I were to write a book, it would have to be non-fiction. For some reason, the idea of writing fiction terrifies me because I’m not detail oriented and I’m sure a million flaws coudl be pointed out in a work of fiction. Although I also have to admit that you have to be MORE detail oriented when you write non-fiction. However, that just seems less scary to me.

    If you wrote a devotional for young men, I would love that. =)

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