Laudable Linkage

Here are some great reads from the last couple of weeks:

The Best Way to Be Radical. It’s not always the grandiose.

Touching the Untouchable: A Story of Aids. I came to this after John Piper tweeted “Joe Hallett did not waste his Aids” and linked to this article. Moving and convicting.

5 Problems With Unconditional Forgiveness, HT to Challies. It has always bothered me when a victim of a horrible crime publicly forgives the offender when there has been no sign of remorse, and this post explains very well why that is. We should make provision for forgiveness and be ready to offer it, just as God does, but He also does not grant it until repentance occurs.

10 Simple Ways Weary Mothers Can Abide in the Word. Most of these are good for anyone, not just moms.

Complementariansism for Dummies, by someone who helped coin the term, helps clears up some misconceptions.

“Meaningful Suspense” is author Adam Blumer‘s tagline, and he explains here that Christian fiction should be more than just entertainment.

Master Craftsmen by Randy Alcorn deftly defends Christian fiction against the charge of being “predictable, sugar-coated, preachy, and poorly written!” I’ve been enjoying Christian fiction for almost 40 years, and always wince at that kind of charge.

55 Favorite First Lines From Favorite Books. Sherry has devised a fun quiz. I got 20 right. How’d you do?

Since I was first deeply moved by reading Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot about her husband and four other missionaries who were speared to death by the Indians they were trying to reach, I’ve been fascinated and tried to read everything I could get my hands on in connection with this incident and these people. One of the earliest books was The Dayuma Story. Dayuma was a young woman who had escaped from the tribe then known as the Aucas, now the Waorani. She had helped the missionaries learn some Auca terms and eventually she and Rachel Saint (brother of Nate, one of the five) and Elisabeth went to live with the Aucas. I had read in this book about Rachel being honored on the old program This Is Your Life. I don’t think she had seen it before or knew quite what it was, and I remember she wrote something about her brother whispering in her ear during a commercial that she needed to watch the time and keep things moving because the host, Ralph Edwards, had a limited amount of time with a live show to try to get everything in. Of course, Rachel was also busy trying to translate what was going on to Dayuma, who was with her. Well….I don’t remember how I came across the blog Theology For Girls, but I saw a link to a post concerning this program and had to check it out. This lady’s uncle was one of the guests on that episode, and she had recently discovered the entire episode had been uploaded to YouTube! It was such a joy to watch. It’s amazing that the show was so favorable to the gospel and the work Rachel was doing. And the commercials are pretty funny, too. 🙂

This Is Your Life: Rachel Saint, Part 1:

This Is Your Life: Rachel Saint, Part 2:

7 thoughts on “Laudable Linkage

  1. Boy, you really have had lots of good reading this week. I didn’t count how many on the first-lines-quiz I got right, but it made me smile when I recognized the line.

  2. Whoa…that forgiveness one is great…that’s been bugging me for a while..especially after the Amish school shootings, etc. Thanks…you are a fabulous, thoughtFULL resource!

  3. I’m always impressed with the amount of reading that you do, Barbara. I think of myself as a reader, but I don’t hold a candle to you!

  4. Oh, Barbara!!!!!! Thank you so much for posting that TV show! I sat here in amazement! Wouldn’t it be something if we could do that now? I loved the chief’s words – God changed my heart. What a blessing to listen to this show. I’m going to share this on my blog. What a blessing!

  5. I really enjoyed this! My husband and I are Independent Baptist missionaries in Ukraine where we have served for 10 years. My husband is a third-generation missionary who grew up in Chiapas, Mexico, and it was neat to hear that Rachel Saint received some of her training there to prepare her for the jungle. Such a small world! Thanks for sharing!

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