Friday’s Fave Five

Welcome to Friday’s Fave Five, hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story, in which we can share five of our favorite things from the last week, a wonderful exercise in looking for and appreciating the good things God blesses us with. Click on the button to learn more, then go to Susanne’s to read others’ faves and link up your own.

It’s actually been a pretty frustrating week, with a computer issue taking up most of two mornings resulting in not getting done even a fourth of what I had planned for the week. So it has been a little harder to come up with five favorite parts of the week, but sometimes that’s when it is most needful and helpful to look for them.

1. Electronic means of contact. Within my extended family this week there have been three birthdays, one funeral, a drug overdose and a missing (adult) child for one night. It’s nice for someone in a crisis to be able to send a text message or Facebook message to multiple people and have thoughts, prayers, words of comfort and reassurance flooding back within moments without having to spend hours on the phone. Sure, these don’t replace phone contact (for those far away and face-to-face contact with those close by) but there are times they do greatly help  both the person sending the messages and those waiting for updates.

2. A successful reinstall of Picasa. I had to do that last week and mentioned being thankful I had just backed up photos. I’d been getting pop-up notices that there wasn’t much disk space left, and Picasa finally crashed even though I’d been going through and deleting photos (like ones I had taken just to show something on my blog, or ones where we’d taken multiple shots of the same thing, etc.). When I reinstalled Picasa, somehow it imported not just photos but scans, clip art, etc., resulting in taking up too much space again and another crash. Thankfully through an online help forum I found out what to do and reinstalled it and set it just to import from the My Pictures folder. We do need to get a bigger disk drive some time soon, but hopefully this will take care of things for now.

3. AC. Again. I might say that every week this summer. 🙂 I was doing one project just in the garage, not even outside, and got so hot it took several hours to feel comfortable again once I came back inside.

4. Mini pies. I was lamenting a few weeks ago that I couldn’t find single-servings pies in just a plain chocolate flavor, and I didn’t want to bring a whole one home because I’d be too tempted to eat too much of it. Just this week I found Marie Callender’s Mini Pies — Chocolate Satin for me and Key Lime for Jesse. Good stuff! they also show an apple one I haven’t seen yet in the store but I’d love to try it.

5. Godly teachers, preachers, and writers who carefully handle the Word of God. I’ve been so dismayed lately by a few posts where the author glosses over clear Scripture in order to justify an unscriptural position. By contrast, I’ve been blessed in reading Not By Chance by Layton Talbert on the sovereignty and providence of God. This paragraph highlights his approach in this book and what should be the approach of anyone who teaches from the Bible:

The Holy Spirit is not capricious or careless in His use of words. It is incumbent upon us, therefore, to handle the text of Scripture attentively and accurately. If we are to form a correct understanding of the facts of the story (and, consequently, to arrive at sound theological conclusions), it is vital that we carefully observe the details — and confine our conclusions to the information explicitly communicated by those details (p. 87).

Bonus: Congratulations to Susanne on the 200th Friday’s Fave Five post! She asks how we first came to participate in FFF. I had been reading her anyway, so when she started FFF I jumped right in fairly soon. I think some of my family reads these weekly posts even if they don’t read the rest of my blog, LOL! 😀 It’s been a great way to review the week and remember God’s blessings in it.

Hope you have a great weekend! Jason’s birthday was Wednesday but we’re celebrating tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to that.

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Computers and electronic media…a curse and a blessing. It is so good to get those much needed communications. AC has really been a necessity for so many areas of our country this year. I’m glad you have it. You are making me nervous about picasa…
    I’m going to check out my usage.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I’m right there with you on the blessing of electronics for passing on emergency messages.
    When we were in OH, we greatly appreciated AC–it’s not the heat as much as the humidity.
    “Rightly dividing the Word of Truth”–thankful for men and women who are faithful and consistent.

  3. I’m sorry you told me about those mini pies…now I’ll have to look for them! :0)

    I know what you mean about electronic contact. When Andrew was in the hospital, I was encouraged daily by scripture texted to me by my sweet daughter-in-law. Every single day, picked especially for us. It was awesome.

    And AC? We had a little car breakdown yesterday and while waiting for AAA, I definitely uttered many thanks for the AC that would be waiting for me at home!

    Hope this next week is an easier one, Barb. Take care.

  4. I always count a/c as a favorite!

    Yeah, I was just thinking what Laura said … now I have to get some of those pies.

    I agree with you on taking scripture out of context. It’s written the way it is for a reason! Saying that, however, it is one of the amazing things about the bible: you can read it many times and then one day something pops up at you and you see it in a different light. Or maybe another way to put it is God reveals it to you.

  5. Your week sounds like it has been very full. The items listed in #1 alone would have been enough. What a blessing to see how, even in all, you looked and found the the good in it. Technology is something, isn’t it? Bitter sweet. When it’s working it’s great. When it’s not, what a headache! (as you also encountered this week and still found good in it.)

    And how fun that your family reads your blog, esp. your FFF! 🙂

  6. Technology is pretty frustrating when it isn’t working!!! Hope you have a fun celebration for Jason this weekend. My brother’s birthday is Monday so we’re celebrating this weekend, too. Yes, you can make AC a permanent Five Fave during the summer. Makes you wonder how people dealt with that kind of oppressive heat in the days before AC. Anyway, enjoy your AC, mini pies, and family!

  7. That is so cool that your kids like to read your FFF’s.

    Technology. Sigh. Wonderful when it works but so frustrating when it doesn’t. Glad you got all the Picasa stuff sorted out!

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