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Annette at This Simple Home and Dorie at These Grace Filled Days have teamed up to create Together on Tuesdays as “a casual way to meet and connect with other women” over the summer. They’ve created a schedule of topics to discuss in order to get to know one another better, and the topic for this week is where we live, either our local area or our home.

We moved to the Knoxville, TN area almost two years ago, and I promised some blog friends last year I’d post some photos of the house when I got it all together. Well…it’s still not as together as I’d like it, but I decided to go ahead and show it.

First, though, I’ll share a little bit about the area. Eastern TN is a beautiful place. I love the hills and the fact that, though it’s a landlocked state, it has plenty of lakes, rivers, and streams. Knoxville is a manageable city: I’ve lived in both Houston and just outside Atlanta, and it can be such a headache getting around cities that size. Where we live, we’re just a few minutes from downtown in one direction, and a few minutes from rural countryside in the other direction. This is big University of TN country, and though we’re not sports fans, it’s fun to see the team spirit for the UT Vols and even the local high school.

Now for the house itself. I do love our home. I think it is a bit smaller than our old one, though I am not sure about square footage. But it is more compact, so it’s much easier to get around and to clean.

Here is the entryway:

This is the living room — though it’s not quite a full-sized room. But it’s nice if one of us wants to take a book or something when someone’s watching TV or playing video games in the family room.

This is the dining area:

Just off the dining area is this little alcove we’ve made into an office:

I’ve been trying to decide whether to make valances for those windows or just leave them be.

I love my kitchen. This was taken before we bought the house — it looks the same now except for stuff on the counters. 🙂 In fact, that’s why I didn’t take a picture of it as is now: we had a party for Jason last Saturday and a lot of their supplies from it are still there.

All the lights are great for working, but they do get hot on one’s head.

This is the family room:

And this is the other side of the family room, taken from in front of the fire place:

Here’s our bedroom:

And the master bathroom:

The sewing/craft room is the one that still needs some organization, as you can see:

This we call Jesse’s bathroom, though of course it’s not exclusively his. But since he’s the last son at home, he’s pretty much the only one who uses it unless we have company.

And we’re blessed with even a third bathroom, nice when we have company, not so much at cleaning time. 🙂 Sometimes it’s even nice when it’s just the three of us at home. 🙂

Some of you might remember that when we first moved here, our garage was listed as a three-car garage. It was an L shape, and we (I say we — Jim) walled off the “L” part and made another room. We call it the “prophet’s chamber” or Jim’s room. There is a futon in there for company and Jim’s desk, microscopes, telescope, etc., are in there. He put the closet in and sheet-rocked and painted the walls. Some time we need to put carpet in, but there’s an area rug for now.

And that’s about it.

Some of you may remember that our previous house was much more colorful (and girly) — most rooms were painted or had wallpaper on them. Some times these neutral walls seem plain, but most of the time they seem more restful. I don’t know if I’d ever do wallpaper again and since the paint is in good condition, we’re not thinking about painting any time soon.

So that’s our humble abode. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

9 thoughts on “House Tour

  1. (I actually have been having serious problems uploading photos recently, too. Very frustrating, indeed!)

    Your home is lovely. It doesn’t need to be girly to be comfortable and lovely! My favorite room was your little alcove/office. I think I’d have a hard time deciding whether or not to do window treatments, too. 🙂 It looks nice as it is.

    Sounds like you all have plenty of room to spread out! Our family room and living room are back to back, with an wide open “doorway”. It means that it’s a little harder to escape from one another. We call the one the toy room, anyway.

  2. Beautiful and restful. I like all the light and your pastel colors. I like your kitchen, too–lots of counter space. Happy for you! :o)

  3. I loved the tour of your home Barbara! It looks like such a peaceful place to live. That alcove office with the light coming in those windows – ah, such a wonderful work space. Though I confess, I’d probably have the shades open and be staring out the windows and not get too much work done, ha! Oh, and what a neat arch.

    We have relatives that live just over the border in VA. And, my husband has traveled to eastern TN a few times in the past year for work. Such a beautiful part of our country. What a blessing to live there.

  4. Now that’s a great kitchen! I like kitchens that assume you have someone else (or two) helping or hanging out with you in the same space — roomy with plenty of counter space! Thanks for the tour 🙂

  5. Thank you for the tour….don’t mind that you’ve not finished decorating….I have pictures leaning against the treadmill which I’ve yet to hang, mostly because it takes more than one person or so I think. Then I’ve begun to get some ideas of a wall arrangement in the studio which I’ve yet to do. I think decorating a home is an on-going process, especially when we get older.
    Mama Bear

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