Laudable Linkage

Here are a few noteworthy reads from the last week:

Truth, Grace, and My Father’s Conversion at age 84 by Randy Alcorn. Moving story and a reminder not to water down the truth.

Free to Live. What “living free” does and does not look like. Dr. Olson was my class chaplain four years in college.

To My Gay Angry Friend written by a former homosexual who became a believer in Christ and turned from the lifestyle.

Missionary Wives Furlough Q&A, HT to Kim. Missionary wives answers questions about what has helped and hurt while on furlough. Excellent reading if your church supports missionaries!

Spoiler Alert: What God Is Teaching Me Through the Olympics. It’s hard not to hear or see headlines about the Olympics when you’re trying to wait to see the broadcasts. Here’s what one woman learned as a result of knowing ahead of time what would happen.

Bully Is As Bully Does. One gay man’s perspective on the Chick-Fil-A controversy.

Two Persistent Lies About Chick-Fil-A in the Press.

Why I Read: An Explanation.

Janette Oke Canadian West #1 book When Calls The Heart free for Kindle apps for a limited time. Janette Oke started my love for Christian fiction.

Seen on Facebook:

A needed reminder when I want to stay safely in harbor.

Have a great weekend!

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