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The Together on Tuesdays topic last week was backyard fun, but I didn’t post because we don’t have much of a back yard now and haven’t spent much time out there in ages, except when my husband grills food.

But over the next few days, some backyard fun from earlier days came to mind.

I’m not sure how old the boys were when they wanted a treehouse. Just buying lumber from a commercial store was beyond our means at that time, but somewhere Jim found a place with a bunch of old wooden pallets, and he asked for them, took them apart, sanded them, and built a treehouse, compete with trap door. To my chagrin, it doesn’t look like we have any photos of it. But they and the neighbor kids spent hours out there.

I found a couple of other photos of their backyard activities:

These little scooters were all the rage at one time.

They pulled each other around in the wagon, and this time it looks they cooled off by adding water. 🙂 (The boys are mine, the girls are neighbors).

There was a little rise at the back of the property that allowed just enough of a thrill for small boys when it snowed to sled down or use an inner tube, or in a pinch, a flattened cardboard box.

Once my husband built a teepee for them.

I think a few times they camped out in the back yard.

We had a sandbox for several years, and when we got the dog, she was always someone to play with in the backyard. They blew bubbles, played ball, constructed mazes out of big cardboard boxes. They had a kiddie pool at one time.

And the trampoline was a big hit, but the pièce de résistance was when Jim put together some PVC piping and punched holes in it to make a sprinkler for the trampoline:


You’d think the water would have made it slippery, but it actually slowed down the bounciness some. It combined running through the sprinkler with jumping on the trampoline. And it looks like it made a handy water fountain, too.

I had always wanted a swing set, and we never had one, but I don’t think they missed out. 🙂 They associated swings and slides with the park which we visited often in those days.

I enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Thanks, Annette and Dorie, for the prompt!

3 thoughts on “Backyard fun

  1. OH!! What fun down memory lane! I just love the angle on the wagon picture. Your water trampoline sure was wonderfully fun!

    Thanks so much for sharing, Barbara! I love that you took the time to scan some old photos to add to the post.

    (Thanks for explaining the girls were neighbors. For a moment, I was thinking I was mistaken thinking you had boys…) 🙂

  2. No, indeed they did not miss out on the swing set with lots of other backyard fun to be had 🙂 The trampoline with the sprinkler – ingenuious! Twice the fun – and I so thought it would have made it slippery as well. Interesting that it doesn’t. The tree house sounds fabulous – great idea to use the pallets. Thank you for sharing these memories, Barbara.

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