Friday’s Fave Five

Welcome to Friday’s Fave Five, hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story, in which we can share five of our favorite things from the last week, a wonderful exercise in looking for and appreciating the good things God blesses us with. Click on the button to learn more, then go to Susanne’s to read others’ faves and link up your own.

I was thinking I didn’t really have anything to share this week: it hasn’t been a bad week but it has just been fairly ordinary with nothing in particular standing out (And that’s not all bad. I like weeks like that. 🙂 ) But as usual, just a little thought and reflection brought to mind a few favorite parts, one reason I love this meme.

1. A minor earthquake — not having an earthquake but the fact that it was a minor one. We’re not prone to them here in the Southeast, so when the floors started vibrating and windows rattling I didn’t think much of it at first…but when it kept on for several moments, I began to wonder. Turns out there was a 4.3 magnitude earthquake in eastern Kentucky that we felt here in TN. I mentioned an ordinary week above — this was definitely not ordinary but since it happened Saturday I had forgotten to include it in the happenings since the last FFF at first.

2. Cooking and baking brightening up a dreary day. Monday was one of those grey, rainy days that can be a little depressing if I focus on it. My son and daughter-in-law were coming over for dinner and laundry, and as I got to working on dinner and even baked a small batch of cookies (nothing fancy, just something from a pre-made mix) while listening to music, I forgot all about the day outside and felt quite cozy. And having them over and catching up on news with them was fun, too.

3. Sunny days after rainy ones.

4. Finding a new recipe that everyone likes. I tried a new recipe I saw on Pinterest, and it’s a keeper: Poppy Seed Chicken.

5. Adoption. This is National Adoption Month, so adoption has been on my mind for several days. I shared a poem about an adoptee’s two moms and a personal adoption story earlier this week.

Bonus. This — an airline flight briefing with a Middle Earth flavor.

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving this week! Though it seems like it came up more quickly than usual! Both my oldest son and Mittu’s mom are coming!

9 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I always worry that I’m going to miss something big and read things in reverse order when I play “catch up.” I’m definitely curious to get to your posts on adoption from earlier in the week! (And I also noticed you read the Hobbit and I shall now have a chance to catch your thoughts on that!)

    An earthquake! Woah. That would definitely make the week a little different.

    How wonderful that Mittu’s mom is also coming for Thanksgiving! I think that’s really awesome. (Our family has not blended to that extent just yet…although it would be REALLY nice. Really nice.) Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving together!

  2. I’d heard about that Air New Zealand safety film, but hadn’t seen it until your link — too much fun! So nice that your homey activities brightened your day. It often brightens mine 🙂 Enjoy your family time together next week!

  3. Love that you included adoption in your FFF! I am thankful I am “adopted” into the family of God as well.

    p.s. Glad to know you are a hold out on physical Christmas cards. 😉

  4. I’m from California–no earthquake is minor 🙂 I’m glad you survived with no destruction.
    Happy Thanksgiving! How fortunate you are to have your sons close to you so they can pop in for dinner or a holiday.

  5. Yikes so glad it was nothing more than some tremors where you were at.

    I haven’t had time yet to read your adoption posts but have them marked to do so as soon as I can grab a few minutes.

    I love poppy seed so am definitely going to check out that recipe!

    Enjoy your holiday with your family!

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