What’s On Your Nightstand: November 2012

What's On Your NightstandThe folks at 5 Minutes For Books host What’s On Your Nightstand? the fourth Tuesday of each month in which we can share about the books we have been reading and/or plan to read.

It seems so long since the last Nightstand, though it has only been the usual time frame. It’s been a busy month.

Here’s what I finished since last time:

The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges with Challies‘ “Reading Classics Together” group. I didn’t review the book as a whole since I discussed it chapter by chapter (you can find those discussions here if you like.) Overall a great book. I appreciated the balance.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin for Carrie‘s Book Club October pick, reviewed here. A thought-provoking classic.

Wildflowers of Terezin by Robert Elmer, reviewed here. Loved this one. A WWII story set in Denmark, involving a secular Jewish nurse and a Lutheran priest reluctant to fight against oppression until he sees its human face.

Allerednic: A Regency Cinderella Tale–In Reverse by Chautona Havig, not reviewed. I had great expectations for this one, but I found it a little boring.

The Hobbit (audiobook), reviewed here. Loved the story and the audiobook.

C. S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy: Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength, reviewed all together here. I listened to these via audiobook but had to get the books from the library and go over certain sections again. Maybe not quite as loveable a series as Narnia, but it makes some excellent points.

Thriving at College: Make Great Friends, Keep Your Faith, and Get Ready for the Real World! by Alex Chediak. Just finished last night; review is hot off the press here.

I’m currently reading/listening to:

Unless It Moves the Human Heart: The Craft and Art of Writing by Roger Rosenblatt. Twenty pages last night went by in a flash: looking forward to reading more.

At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon (audiobook). I read this years ago and I am enjoying going over it again via audiobook. A very cozy book.

Next up:

The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury

The Christmas Dog by Melody Carlson

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens for Carrie‘s Book Club December pick. I have a whole book of Dickens’ Christmas stories…I may or may not peruse more of them if I have time.

I also have my last Fall Into Reading book,  The Christian Imagination by Leland Ryken. I’m not sure I will get to it between Christmas activities and wanting to get a couple of Christmas reads in. I should know better than to leave nonfiction last. I want to — I like to complete my lists! — but if I don’t read it this month it will still be there in January. It’s not something I want to rush through just to complete by a deadline.

What are you reading? Got any special books lined up for December?

12 thoughts on “What’s On Your Nightstand: November 2012

  1. Thanks for your recommendation last time about The Hobbit audiobook. Jeff and I both listened to it, although I admit I still had to go back to the book periodically to catch up on things I missed. Maybe my attention span is lacking these days with audiobooks? Or maybe Tolkien is just very detail-oriented? ha. Probably both.

    I’ll write down “Unless It Moves the Human Heart.” Sounds like a good one!

    “The Christian Imagination” also sounds intriguing. I’ll go get the Kindle sample right now. Thanks for including the Amazon links. Makes it so convenient to pop over there and get samples.

  2. Great list…I end up saving fiction for last…I am a sampler of books…so I agree with Lisa thanks for the links so I can get some samples…I have the Literary Study Bible edited by Ryken and Delight of Words which is a great reference if you want to study the Bible from the Literary Perspective.

  3. The Mitford series DO make for cozy reads!

    Before I forget again – added The Wildflowers of Terezin to my Amazon wishlist (which is where I also keep my list of books I want to read). And I also added Unless it Moves the Human Heart after your high remarks even after just a few pages.

    In response to your comment on my list – I’ve only read the one (Christmas-related) Macomber but have stayed away from her other titles because I wasn’t sure if she always wrote “clean.” Sounds like she doesn’t so I’ll probably continue to avoid them. I’m hoping this title is just as clean as its sequel was!

  4. Just read your review of the college one and it looks really good. And unlike some other commenters here, I’ve got a senior in high school–just had to pay for cap and gown and announcements today! (And WHY would they make us do that right before Christmas? Don’t they know?)
    A lot of your other books look good too–esp the Wildflowers one!

    Elizabeth from 5MFB

  5. I enjoyed Wildflowers of Terezin when I read it quite a few years ago. Hmm, maybe I’ll have to re-read it.

    I loved re-visiting Midford, but I’ve only had time to re-read the first one.

  6. Sorry I am so late getting by! It has been a crazy busy week after the holidays. I have some Christmas selections that I put on my kindle last year, I think I will get put them ahead of my fall reading list. Does it really matter if we stick to a list? I hope not. I am getting some of them knocked out though. Looks like you had a great November! Happy December reading!

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