Book Review: The Christmas Dog

Christmas DogBetty Kowalski is having trouble obeying the Bible’s command to love her neighbor. Her neighbor isn’t making it any easier, with a heated dispute over a fence between their properties, a pile of rubbish in the yard, including her former neighbor’s prized pink toilet, remodeling noise all hours of the day and night, and now his dirty, pesky dog doing his business on her dogwood tree.
Add to that an unexpected visit from a troubled granddaughter, an upset in her son’s family, and a promise to help with a friend’s 50th anniversary celebration, and Betty has her hands full.

Christmas books can sometimes be overly sentimental, but The Christmas Dog by Melody Carlson was a delightful surprise. I figured I knew where things were headed with the dog, given the book’s title, but Betty’s transition from curmudgeon to caring Christian was both heart-warming and convicting.

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5 thoughts on “Book Review: The Christmas Dog

  1. This sounds like a cute and light Christmas story. I do really like sitting down with light reads at this time of year. This is also the time of year when I find myself with a high tolerance for Christian fiction. (Another thing I hadn’t realized until reading through your post here.) Maybe I should save such things for December and then I’ll be more friendly towards the genre. hmm..

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