Laudable Linkage

I haven’t done a round-of of interesting links in a while: I didn’t have time over the holidays, and you likely didn’t have time to read them then, either. 🙂 But here are a few things that especially caught my eye:

How Not To Read Your Bible in 2013. I’d disagree with the part of not reading it alone: I get much more out of it that way, but for some reading it with others might be helpful.

The 1 Person You Need to Unfriend in 2013.

Be Strong and Courageous (and Not a Boy-Man). Along that same theme, From Boy to Man: The Marks of Manhood, Part One and Part Two. Good things to keep in mind while raising sons.

Why Some Books Made It Into the New Testament and Others Didn’t. This is a topic I’ve wondered about occasionally, and this was helpful.

Keller and Carson: Greco-Roman Slavery ≠ Race-Based Slavery. This helps explain why the Bible tells people how to live and act within the economic part of slavery but doesn’t advocate doing away with it outright, something that has puzzled me from time to time. Even the book Roots said there was an economic-based slavery even in Africa, and it was among Christians that race-based slavery in more modern times was condemned and fought against.

Relationship Advice From Twilight, an unlikely source.

10 Great Writing Quotes to Start the Year.

And an interesting video:

A surprise Les Miserables-inspired flash mob at a wedding reception for a couple who likes musicals. Good if you have guests who can sing!

Have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “Laudable Linkage

  1. Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for the link. Just to clarify, “Don’t Do It Alone” refers to the importance of accountability, not to reading in the physical presence of others.

    Blessings in Christ,

  2. That flash mob made me smile — isn’t it nice to have singing guests?

    This year, roomie and I are trying something new. We’re reading the Chronological Bible out loud and at our own pace. We pause to talk about questions or issues — so far, I’ve really enjoyed it.

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