Laura Ingalls Wilder Reading Challenge Wrap-Up

Laura Ingalls Wilder Reading Challenge
With the end of February, we come to the end of the Laura Ingalls Wilder reading Challenge for this year. If you’ve read anything by, about, or related to Laura this month, please share it with us in the comments. You can share a link back to your book reviews, or if you’ve written a wrap-up post, you can link back to that (the latter might be preferable if you’ve written more than one review — the WordPress spam filter tends to send comments with more than one link to the spam folder. But I’ll try to keep a watch out for them.) We’d also love to hear if you’ve done any “Little House” related activities.
And, if you’ve participated this month, you’re eligible for the drawing for a copy of The Little House Cookbook, compiled by Barbara M. Walker and illustrated by Garth Williams (the same illustrator for my set of Little House books). I’ll choose a name through a week from today to give everyone time to get their last books and posts finished. You’re eligible even if you don’t have a blog: just share with us in the comments what you read and a few of your thoughts about it. If you already have this book, I can substitute a similarly-priced Laura book of your choice. I’ve spent some time looking through it: it’s more than just recipes: it shares a lot of interesting information as well as excerpts about food and cooking from the books.
For myself, I had planned to make some items from it and have something of a birthday party for Laura on her birthday, the 7th, but that was when my mother-in-law was ill, and between that, moving her to a new place, and my husband’s surgery, I didn’t do any “Laura” activities, but I did manage to get a few books read. These link back to my reviews:
West From Home by Laura Ingalls Wilder, a compilation of letters Laura wrote to Almanzo while visiting their daughter, Rose, and Rose’s husband, and the World’s Fair.
Let the Hurricane Roar by Rose Wilder Lane. Laura’s daughter wrote a fictionalized account of some of her grandparent’s experiences.
On the Banks of Plum Creek by Laura Ingalls Wilder, covers the same events as Let the Hurricane Roar plus a few more: a grasshopper plague, blizzards, attending school for the first time, meeting Nellie Oleson.
I had originally planned to read Farmer Boy, about Almanzo’s childhood, but when I discovered the Plum Creek book covered some of the same events as Rose’s book, I wanted to go ahead and read it while the other was fresh in my mind. Farmer Boy was the second book written of the Little House books, but it can really be read at any point. I do want to read it before Almanzo shows up in Laura’s story, though!
Thank you all for participating! That’s what makes this challenge so fun. I’ve already come across a book or two I hadn’t known of before that I want to read next time through some of your reviews. I’m looking forward to your thoughts on what you’ve read!

15 thoughts on “Laura Ingalls Wilder Reading Challenge Wrap-Up

  1. Thank you for hosting this — it was a neat “push” for me to read something Laura-related. The cookbook sounds neat. I remember paging through one a few years back and feeling a little bummed that most of the recipes didn’t seem that accessible (containing lard or an ingredient that would be difficult to find, etc). I still love the idea of it, though 🙂

    Here’s my review of “Little House Traveler.”

  2. Thank you so much for hosting this, Barbara!

    My 8 and 10 y/o daughters and I have really enjoyed reading her nine-set series. Together we have finished The Little House in the Big Woods and are just about finished with Farmer Boy. After the girls went to bed and during my ‘own-time’ I started and finished her travels book, West From Home. I really liked this book! Several times I have caught our 8 y/o curled up in her bed reading it now as well! In the beginning I was a little put off by some of Rose’s commentary, but I have a different feel now and since I know we will not stop reading until we have gobbled up all the books in the set/series, I am really looking forward to getting to know more about Rose. We look forward to and will participate next year. I know I am going for the biography next year and if time permits, more of Rose’s writings (before this challenge I didn’t even know she was a writer). I LOVE the thought of getting that cookbook … I will wait for your drawing and if I am not the blessed winner, I am buying it! I have big plans for this cookbook next year in your challenge with my daughters and some other home schooled girls!! May I ‘borrow’ your LIW birthday celebration idea next year too?! I can’t wait! Also, I have to admit my husband had never read anything written by LIW and he too enjoyed hearing the read alouds in the evening. This challenge ended up being a family affair and was apropos as we’d just moved to a farm toward the end of January!!

    Again, thank you and I am already eager for next year’s challenge!

    In Him~

  3. Well, I goofed … I posted that I read a book that I did not … I apologize Barbara. I did not read West From Home, intead I read A Little House Traveler, Writings from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Journeys Across America. This very informative and fascinating read chronicles letters from three of Laura’s most memorable trips, collected in one special edition. The letters are from On the Way Home, West From Home, and previously unpublished materials from Laura and Almanzo’s car trip in 1931 telling the story of their first journey back to DeSmet, the town where Laura grew up, where she met Almanzo, and where they fell in love. Throughout this book I was not only interested in the facts recorded and daily life during that time, but found myself impressed with Laura’s observation of the land around her, the details of crops, size, selling-price and how she did figures so quickly in her head. We just do not think like that today and I wondered when we lost the understanding of the value of the dollar (she recorded every cent spent). Thank you, again. ~Sandi

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  5. We’re currently about 3/4 of the way done with Little House on the Prairie and so I’ll be posting late but we’re having a really fun time with it! Bookworm1 likes it so much we’re reading about three chapters a day! (And I’M the one insisting we take breaks!) Big hit! I’ll be back soon to leave a link.

  6. Well, I did not quite reach my goal of reading the 9 “Little House” books in February due to a decision to move! So I was packing 60 + boxes of books rather than reading. 🙂 I managed to get into the 8th book when March rolled around.
    Some thoughts – the pioneers were men and women of courage to move so far away from the familiar. I don’t recall reading anything about a doctor in the books. They took care of themselves. The family was resourceful and creative. And they were independent. They weren’t looking for a handout from anyone, much less the government!
    The other thought is that they understood what America stood for – that the government does not come between a man and his Creator. Freedom requires obedience directly to God. So, to quote a past President: “Freedom is not the right to do what we want, but what we ought.”
    I quite enjoyed reading Laura’s books; thank you for the challenge, Barbara!

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