Laudable Linkage

Here are a few good reads from the last week:

Do You Know the Bones of Your Bible? Here are some good reasons to if you don’t.

Preaching to Women Who Work in the Home.

It’s Better to Be Faithful than Gifted, HT to Challies. “There aren’t many superstars in the kingdom of God. Not many have super gifts. Most of us are just average. Gifted in small ways. But if we are faithful to use the gifts we have and serve in whatever ways we can, God will increase us.”

Four Good Reasons to Read Good Books.

Chavez’s Last Words and Yours.

Speaking of Chavez, his death stirred some memories of a missionary friend whose ministry in Venezuela was cut short during Chavez’s rule.

A giveaway for Robin Lee Hatcher’s book Betrayal and Adam Blumer’s The Tenth Plague (the latter ends today at 4).

This is a cute video of a dad and his babies. Funny how they stop when he stops.

This is a very touching speech from a father before giving his daughter away in marriage:

I especially liked, “You see that look? She never had that before she met you.”

And I saw this at Susanne‘s It was a little slow to me at first but had me laughing at the very end.

Hope you have great weekend!

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