Laudable Linkage

Here are a few good reads discovered in the last week or so:

Hallelujah, What a Savior, HT to Janet. How a low view of God’s law leads to a cheap view of grace or nullifies it altogether.

25 Things Our Sons Need to Know About Manhood.

Scripture reading plan for Passion week.

Curing Fear, Restoring Mission. Though there are times we are supposed to separate, ““Does there have to be perfect conformity to the customs for us to have biblical fellowship in our church? Does the other person or group have to adopt our customs and live exactly as we do for us to fellowship with them?” No.

To parents of small children: Let me be the one to say it out loud. “You’re not a terrible parent if….”

And from the above author’s wife: These are the lines of a story, lovely post about our bodies after childbirth.

The Christian Fantasy. Why good fantasy is hard to write and why today’s doesn’t often measure up to the great fantasy writers of the past (Lewis, Tolkien).

Writes of Passage is a blog of ten different Christian fiction authors. This month they’ve been celebrating Women’s History Month by featuring a different woman of history each day, sometimes a woman who influenced one of their books. It’s been interesting reading.

Writing jokes, songs, and picture books. A lot of effort goes into making it look effortless.

A visit with Elisabeth Elliot, one of my personal heroes of the faith.

Shopping at the Department Store of Ideas. How writers hone in on ideas for writing.

By now you have probably heard that Google Reader is shutting down July 1 (Boo, hiss!) Here are some good alternatives, and here is one more.

And for a quick smile, the Mission Impossible Squirrel:

2 thoughts on “Laudable Linkage

  1. Oh, and thank you for the Elisabeth Elliot link! She’s one of my heros!!! “You don’t know what you are thinking until you write it down”-one of her quotes that has impacted my life.

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