What’s On Your Nightstand: April 2013

What's On Your NightstandThe folks at 5 Minutes For Books host What’s On Your Nightstand? the fourth Tuesday of each month in which we can share about the books we have been reading and/or plan to read.

April has been a lovely spring month. Though I’ve been energized to get some projects done, I did get some good reading in as well.

Since last time I have finished:

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, both audiobook and Kindle, reviewed here. Not a pleasant book, but an intriguing one. Reviewed here.

The Victory Club by Robin Lee Hatcher about four friends on the homefront in WWII, reviewed here.

Joni and Ken: An Untold Love Story by Ken and Joni Eareckson Tada with Larry Libby. I think this will be one of my top ten books of the year. I appreciate their pulling back the curtain a bit to share not only the love story but the trials and tribulations and persevering “to attain a new level of love rather than simply surviving or grimly hanging on.” Reviewed here.

In This Mountain by Jan Karon (audiobook). Father Tim deals with retirement and wondering what his life has been worth while his wife’s fame as an author goes to new heights. Though it’s a bit darker than the other Mitford books, I very much enjoyed it.

Sense and Sensibility and Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen via audiobook. It has been fun revisiting them. I had reviewed the books earlier here and here, and I enjoyed them much more this time around. I caught much more of Austen’s wit, satire, and irony in each.  I have a feeling that if one were in the same room with Austen at a social occasion, much would be shared in knowing looks and smiles rather than tittered.

The Guardian by Beverly Lewis, third in her new Home to Hickory Hollow series, reviewed here.

I’m currently reading:

Introverts in the Church: Finding Our Place in an Extroverted Culture by Adam S. McHugh. Not enjoying is as much as I thought I would, having a few quibbles with one chapter in particular, but hope to finish and discuss it soon.

Comforts From Romans: Celebrating the Gospel One Day at a Time by Elyse Fitzpatrick.

Up next:

Island of the Blue Dolphins, by Scott O’Dell, selected by Amy at Hope is the Word for Carrie’s Reading to Know Book Club for May, which is covering both adult and children’s classics this year. I’ve never read this, so am looking forward to it.

Betrayal by Robin Lee Hatcher, second in the Where the Heart Lives series.

The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness by Tim Keller.

His Ways, Your Walk, focusing on Bible passages written specifically to women, newly published by my friend Lou Ann Keiser.

The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer along with Cindy at Ordo Amoris who is hosting a read-along book club.

Audiobooks: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Shepherds Abiding by Jan Karon.

What’s on your nightstand?

13 thoughts on “What’s On Your Nightstand: April 2013

  1. Oh, I’m glad you’ll be reading along in Island! 🙂

    I like Northanger Abbey. I read it for a British novels graduate English class I took about 8 years ago. I remember it being very satirical.

  2. I’ve thought about getting Joni and Ken but haven’t taken the plunge yet. Maybe I will now.

    I’ll look forward to reading your review of Introverts in the Church since I am one. 😉

    I read Island of the Blue Dolphins when my girls were reading it and I did enjoy it. Hope you will too.

  3. I read Dorian recently too and shared most of your thoughts. I love how you lined up several points from it with the Bible! Yes, lots of parallels. I didn’t enjoy Introverts in Church as much as I’d thought, either. It seemed more geared to pastors and church leaders. I’d love for someone to write a book on that topic geared to laypeople. Appreciated that you caught the JA satire better now. I ought to re-read a bunch of those books as well. Reading P&P as a teen, I remember not being that impressed.

  4. I’m glad you’re enjoying Austen better on re-reading. It’s interesting how re-reading influences our perceptions of books.

    I’ve been adding quite a few of your recently reviewed books to my TBR list–we’ll see how quickly I can get through them though!

  5. I have totally missed this post for the first time in over a year!! I have had a lot going on and not got any reading done. After I researched Oscar Wilde I decided I wouldn’t read this one. Ken and Jodi’s story sounds like one I would enjoy. I have heard they were on Dr. Dobson a couple of weeks ago too. I want to get back to reading, maybe soon.

  6. I have wondered about the Joni and Ken story. It does look interesting and I always enjoy books where things are not sugar coated.
    Your list looks interesting and enjoyable as usual. Have fun with your May reads

  7. I had to check out your Joni and Ken review as well as Oscar Wilde, who I’ve never read. I remember reading Joni when I was a teenager. She made a big impact on me. I heard Joni and Ken on a radio show once, and they were very honest. I’ll have to think about trying to squeeze this one in sometime.

    The Oscar Wilde book does sound interesting. My daughter loves art and also loves God, so when she gets a bit older, it might be interesting to read it with her.


  8. I just got Joni and Ken in the mail today and look forward to getting into it. I have really got to start reading a few classics. I always forget to look them up at the library.

  9. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t read Island of the Blue Dolphins then. 🙂 I think I WILL read it all on my own after reading through some of the comments and suggestions yesterday.

    I posted my review of Joni & Ken and linked back to yours. Off to read and comment on THAT post now!

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