You never know what a day will bring forth…

A week and a half ago, Jim started having some trouble with his eyes: a lot of floaters, some black spots, and a small dark area. He went to the eye doctor, but the one he usually saw was not in. The doctor  he did see dilated his eyes, said everything looked fine, and the problems were just part of aging.

But the dark spot grew, especially over this last weekend, so Jim went in again, this time to the doctor he usually sees, who diagnosed a detached retina. They sent us over to a specialist for surgery, which we thought would take place immediately. But that doctor scheduled us to come back tomorrow, and in the meantime did a little laser work on the other eye, which had a few places that could precipitate detachment on that eye.

We’d appreciate your prayers, not only for his eyesight in itself, but because his vision is essential to his line of work.

13 thoughts on “You never know what a day will bring forth…

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