Friday’s Fave Five

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Welcome to Friday’s Fave Five, hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story, in which we can share five of our favorite things from the last week,  wonderful exercise in looking for and appreciating the good things God blesses us with. Click on the button to learn more, then go to Susanne’s to read others’ faves and link up your own.

Another week has flown by. Whew!  Here are some of its highlights.

1. A game night. This is actually from weekend before last but I had forgotten it by Friday. Jason and Mittu came over for a game of Settlers of Cataan, which we hadn’t done for a while. It ended up being about the closest game of that I ever remember playing.

2. Crescent rolls without seams:

Barbara's Cell phone pics 198

I have a couple of recipes which use crescent roll dough rolled out, and you’re supposed to press the seams together. They rarely stay pressed, so this was nice to see.

3. Annette’s Snickerdoodle Bars, made when my friend from last week came. I think I have mentioned them before: they’re a highlight any week I make them. 🙂

4. A nostalgic breakfast. My friend who came through last week on her way to see her daughter came back through last night, and we went out for breakfast this morning. We were headed out to one place when we saw the sign for Shoney’s breakfast bar. That used to be our go-to place when our kids were babies: they’d have regular coupons, and kids ate free. So we went there for old time’s sake, and they had many of the same features I remembered.

5. An eventful phone call. A man in our church has been on a list for a lung transplant and just got the call last night to head up to PA for surgery. I haven’t heard any word yet as to how everything went, but we’re hoping and praying for the best.

I may be scarce this next week as I have family coming in from out of town.

Happy Friday!

12 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I do like working with crescent rolls, but smashing those holes closed is a problem for me too.

    Enjoy your guests, Barbara.

  2. I have never seen seamless crescent dough! Game night is always fun, and I do love breakfast out — especially with friends. Have a great week ahead!

  3. I bought a package of the seamless crescent roll dough last week, too. Haven’t tried it yet, but may make my veggie pizza recipe tomorrow.

  4. How awesome “that” phone call came through with a lung. I prayed that his body will accept it and all goes well during surgery and recuperation; And of course comfort for the family.

    GoIng to an old favourite restaurant with a long-time friend probably brought back lots of memories. You are blessed indeed. I’ve moved too many times to have those kinds of friendships.

    I have the butter softening on the counter right now in order to make the brownies after I get back from church! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  5. How fun that you were able to visit the same place for breakfast that you always used to go to.

    I’ll have to look for those crescent rolls here. I’ve only just begun using them.

  6. That’s wonderful news for the hopeful transplant receiver!

    Isn’t it nice when something you need gets “invented”? Hurray for seamless rolls 😉

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