Grandma’s 85th birthday

…was yesterday. In past years we have brought her to our home for dinner, presents, and cake. But she is not very mobile any more, is on a pureed diet due to swallowing difficulties, and doesn’t stay awake for more than 10 minutes or so at a stretch. We weren’t sure how it was going to work to try to do something for her birthday, but we planned to go to her room after everyone got off work.

It all went well. She was awake for a longer stretch than usual – maybe because there were five of us there and usually it is just Jim or myself alone. Since we couldn’t do cake, we got her a McDonald’s mocha frappe (which she loves – and she needs the calories!) and put a candle in the straw.


We didn’t do much with gifts, both because she really doesn’t need anything, and because too much activity probably would have been wearing. Jeremy got her some soft fuzzy socks, we got her a new nightgown and some flowers, Jason and Mittu got her some flowers, so we opened those for her and showed them to her and read her cards for her and showed them to her. She was very responsive, even speaking audibly, saying, “That’s nice” or “That’s pretty.”


We even got to FaceTime with Jeremy so he could see her open his gift.

She made a good effort to blow out her candle, smiled, blew kisses at the kids, and seemed to enjoy the time very much (though her smile didn’t show up in the pictures!.


Barbara's Cell phone pics 233

When we all left the room, Jim went back in to do something, and she was out like a light. 🙂

Then we all went to a nearby Asian place for dinner.

All in all a good evening.

11 thoughts on “Grandma’s 85th birthday

  1. The Frappe with a candle in the straw is SUCH a good idea! As soon as I read that grandma was on a puree diet, I tried to think of some ways to still make a festive dessert for her–but you managed to top anything I could have come up with.

    It’s so encouraging to see and hear how you love and care for Grandma even as she declines physically.

  2. dido Bekah. I have my grandmother living with me now. She is still pretty mobile. But I know the day is coming (if the Lord doesn’t take her first) when she won’t be. Bless you for all you are doing.

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  4. Happy Birthday to her! 85 is definitely an occasion to celebrate in some special way. Love your idea of the mocha frappe! It sounds like she really enjoyed the time spent with you all!

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