Laudable Linkage

Here are some noteworthy reads from the last week:

I Weep for Miley and some follow-up thoughts on comments and criticisms of the post.

What Would Jesus Say to Miley Cyrus? I don’t agree with every little point here, but the majority of it is very good.

Make the Bible Your Native Tongue.

Mom vs. Mom: The War I didn’t See Coming. Excellent post.

I have been very happy to see a number of posts lately on preaching and teaching relative to how to do one’s secular work as unto the Lord and to find value in in for His sake. For years the only thing I heard about vocation in church was the urge to surrender to “full-time Christian service,” and that is indeed a noble calling, but it is not everyone’s calling, though we are all called into full-time Christian service in a sense. Anyway – off the soapbox for now. 🙂 Here are a couple of posts along these lines. The second one was especially good I thought.

5 Ways Pastors Can Affirm Faith, Calling, and Vocation.

You Do Not Labor in Vain.

Oh Sweet Lorraine and Missing Hope. A man in his 90s wrote a song for his wife, who had passed away, and sent it into a song contest. It didn’t fit the parameters of the contest, but the company involved had the song professionally recorded for him. So sweet to see his reaction to hearing it. But Challies points out that, touching as it it, there is no mention of the hope that can comfort and sustain us in our losses, and I hope this dear man finds that.

Knowing vs Feeling in Worship.

Cultivating the Habit of Prayer. Great tips.

When You Feel Resentful About Homemaking.

Compelling Conversion, thoughts on the book The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert. I reviewed it here, but he includes some points that also spoke to me but I didn’t articulate.

School Is No Place For a Reader. If this kind of thing is going on nation-wide, it’s really sad and doesn’t bode well for our country.

And for a smile, or several: 19 Photos of Hilarious Home Improvement Fails.

Have a great weekend!

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