Laudable Linkage

Here are a few noteworthy reads from the last week or two:

20 Tips for Personal devotions in the Digital Age, HT to Challies. I don’t agree entirely with #5 about not sharing what you’ve read on social media. Sometimes that’s a blessing to read, but I agree you shouldn’t have devotions with that in mind.

Do Not Depart has a series this month on Nameless Women in the Gospels. I especially enjoyed this one from Lisa: Gifts from a personal God.

Evangelism in the Workplace, especially as the culture becomes more hostile to Christianity, HT to Challies. A quote from it I especially liked: “While the Lord used Hunter to pursue me, I never felt like a project, just a friend.”

Jim Elliot’s Brother Bert: The Hero You Don’t Know, HT to Ann. Neat comparison of his being an everyday faithful star as opposed to Jim’s being a meteor. Neither is better or worse and God has places and purposes for both, and we can learn from and be inspired by both, but probably most Christians are more like Bert than Jim.

Flawed Heroes and Virtuous Villains. Even the best of men have flaws.

How the Christian Orphan Care Movement May Be Enabling Child Abandonment and alleviate both have some good thoughts about orphan care that may be more harmful than helpful.

National No Bra Day and Breast Cancer Awareness Month ā€” OR ā€” Please Put That Pink Can of Soup Down & Put Your Bra Back On. How breast cancer survivors really feel about some of the silly breast cancer “awareness” campaigns. (Warning: a little more explicit than what I usually post, but she makes excellent points.)

Julia is offering readers a cute free Thanksgiving Subway Art Printable.

And, though the government shutdown really is not funny – I know people personally who have been laid off or furloughed until the government gets its act together – I have to admit this did make me smile:


Hopefully something will work soon!

Happy Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Laudable Linkage

  1. Thanks for sharing the Do Not Depart link.

    I agree that the shutdown isn’t funny (huge numbers of people are off work here), but yes, that cartoon did make me smile too. šŸ™‚

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