Friday’s Fave Five

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Welcome to Friday’s Fave Five, hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story, in which we can share five of our favorite things from the last week, a wonderful exercise in looking for and appreciating the good things God blesses us with. Click on the button to learn more, then go to Susanne’s to read others’ faves and link up your own.

It feels like we have jumped from fall into winter already! It has been in the 30s with frost on the ground a few mornings this week, and some of my blog friends are having snow. Hopefully we will have a few more fallish days before winter sets in for the long haul.

Here are some favorites of the last week or so:

1. Trying new recipes. I’ve been taking all the recipes I’ve clipped out of magazines over the years and putting them into scrapbook-like notebooks  so I can use them more easily (but not enhancing or decorating them like scrapbooks – I’d never get done). Some I use regularly, some I haven’t tried yet, and the process has reminded me of how many good-sounding recipes I actually have. I enjoyed giving a couple a try this week, even though I wasn’t thrilled with how either of them turned out. Tater Crust Tuna Pie would probably taste better with a regular pie crust, and the Pork Roast (the first time I’ve cooked one) wasn’t very flavorful or as tender as I expected (husband suggested doubling the spices, son suggested cooking it longer, both good ideas).

2. Stir-fry leftovers. The leftovers of the pork loin made for a great stir-fry the next night.

3. Replanting my flower pots. This was actually a couple of Saturdays ago, but I forgot to mention it. I cleaned out all the dead and overgrown stuff and planted pansies for the first time – I’ve heard they are supposed to last well into the fall, and so far the frost hasn’t gotten them. They’re not my favorite flowers, but I’ve been smiling at their cute perkiness.

4. Fall decorations. I finally got the rest of them up and am enjoying them.

5. Dinner brought in. My son and daughter-in-law came over to do laundry last night and brought dinner from a favrorite Asian place as well.

Hope you are having a great week!

10 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I am in dire need of some new recipes! I am tired of cooking the same old things. I’m sure my family is tired of it too. Repotting! Oh, I need to get that done too. I have one that could probably go into 3 seperate pots! I need a few more hours in the day to get everything done that I want to do. 🙂 Hope you have a blessed week. I am still enjoying your Missionary posts! I just don’t always get time to comment.

  2. I finally took the stacks and stacks…and stacks of recipes I have and shredded them. I don’t even know what was in there as it all got put in a box when kitchen renos were done and I never even gave them a thought in a year. I’ll never get to all of them, so I made a snap declutter decision and haven’t missed them at all. I still have enough recipes on my computer to try that will take me years to get through.

    I struggled with pork roasts and chops and making them tasty. I finally learnt that the reason mine were so bland and tough was because I was waaaaaay overcooking them. But I do love how you redeemed the leftovers with a stir fry. Love the stirfry!

  3. I have a ton of recipes too and have them organized in a recipe box…and now some faves are going onto my iPad as there is a free app for such things!!!! Yum……I love Asian food, at least the little bit I’ve been fortunate to try! You asked where in Target I found the flame less candle… was in the Smith and Hawkins section near decorative fall stuff, not the regular candle aisle. I want another one!!!! Lol

  4. Leftovers sound good. There’s something about them that makes me like them. Planting flowers is something that’s only in my dreams nowadays. I enjoyed reading that you have done that.


  5. Any time someone brings dinner over is a good day! Leftovers? I practically live on them–I just call them ‘planned overs’ 🙂
    I’m sure your fall decor looks beautiful– and I hope you are staying warm!

  6. I’m always clipping recipes and stuffing them into a Ziploc bag. When you’re finished organizing yours, want to tackle mine? 🙂

    Sounds like a good week. Glad you’re ready for fall, with the decorations and the pansies.

  7. Don’t you love how easy it is to come by good recipes these days? You win some, you lose some, but you get to experiment with so much 🙂 Sorry I haven’t kept up with your posts (and this one from last week!). But I have been reading…

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