Laudable Linkage

Here are some profitable reads from the last week or so:

Of Linen and Grace. “I am not their God. I am their mother.” For moms who feel they haven’t done enough.

Is All Sin Equal in God’s Eyes? Yes and no.

Whatever Happened to Bible Study? HT to Challies. Bible studies by others can be helpful, be we need to hear from the Word directly.

6 Reasons Not to Abandon Expository Preaching, HT to Bobbi. My favorite type of preaching for all the reasons mentioned.

Joy, or “Just Wait?” Do we encourage or discourage young moms by our throwaway comments?

10 Errors to Avoid When Talking About Sanctification and the Gospel. I am not of the Reformed faith and would prefer an appeal to Scripture rather than catechisms and confessions, but this gives some helpful perspective about sanctification.

Chasing Success (as a writer). When do you know you’ve got it, especially as a Christian?

5 Reasons you should write in your books.

This made me smile, HT to Kathie. The little boy and his accent are so cute. We were big Lego fans around here as the guys were growing up, and this brought back memories.

And you’ll need tissues for this one, HT to Susanne.

2 thoughts on “Laudable Linkage

  1. Of Linen & Grace…great post! I think as mothers we all fall into this mindset…shoot even not being a mom…we all tend to fall prey to those enemy thoughts of not being enough but PRAISE GOD that He is more than enough & give grace unending to us!

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