Jim’s eye surgery

Photo courtesy of morguefile.com

Photo courtesy of morguefile.com

Many of you may remember that my husband, Jim, had surgery for a detached retina back in April. His vision in that eye has actually gotten worse instead of better.

They had told us when they did the surgery that the excessive laser work might cause a cataract, and that is what has happened. In addition they said that the retina has developed a wrinkle in it, but they are going to leave that alone for a while and see if it works itself out on its own. They are going to remove the cataract on Wed. morning, Nov. 20.

They said it will be a little more difficult than regular cataract surgery because of the previous retina surgery. (Skip this next part if you’re squeamish.) When they did the retina surgery, they removed part of the fluid that was in the eye to make room to insert a gas bubble that held the retina in place while it healed. As the gas bubble dissipated, the body made fluid to replace what was taken out, but the new fluid is less viscous, so that affects the tension of the eye and apparently makes it more difficult to work on.

After everything heals from this surgery, he’ll be evaluated for corrective lenses.

I don’t know if I can adequately describe what a trial this has been for him. It affects just about everything he does. It’s even difficult to look up at the pulpit in church or talk to people or walk on uneven ground, much less do his work or everyday reading. We’d appreciate your prayers that the surgery will go well and that it will improve his vision as much as possible.

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  1. We are definitely praying for Jim! My dad is dealing with a detached retina as well, although he hasn’t had the surgery yet.

  2. Thank you for the reminder of Jim’s surgery tomorrow. I am and will be praying that all goes as well as it can. Praying for you, too, as you are waiting. I would encourage you to meditate on Psalm 139 as you wait. It is a good reminder that God knows everything about us (He knows all about Jim’s eye and the surgery already. He is the one Who created that eye, and He can fix it .), and that He is with us wherever we may be(In surgery or in the waiting room!). Hugs, my friend! Will be eagerly waiting for your update.

    I mailed the four cookbooks that you wanted. You should get them tomorrow. I jammed packed them tightly into the mailing box. If there is ANY problem with them, please let me know. You can make a check out to WBC for the cookbooks. Just write “For LMF – cookbooks” in the memo. The shipping was $5.80, but just keep that and put it towards lunch tomorrow. (I’d buy lunch for you, if I was there.)

    Love, Carol

  3. I will put him on my prayer list! I am late getting around today, I took my husband to the ER. Turned out he had Kidney stones! He passed one and has several waiting…ugh

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  5. (I DID skip the squeamish part!)

    I never have considered all of the challenges that would be involved in this issue. As I said on the other post, I will continue praying that this recent surgery is a complete success!

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