Laudable Linkage and Videos

Here are some good reads from the last couple of weeks:

Christmas Is For Those Who Hate It Most.

God May Not Have a Wonderful Plan for Your Life. He does, in the sense that He made it possible for us to go to heaven when we repent and believe He sent His Son to take our sins on the cross, and He has promised to be with us in this life, but some things in life are hard. The Bible said they would be, and we can give people the wrong picture of Christianity and rub salt in an open wound sometimes by spouting phrases like this.

God’s Heavenly, Glorious Melting Power. Ways to keep devotions from becoming mechanical.

Scowling at the Angel. “There in my brokenness I had so little to give. But grace, she never left. She met me in all my frailty, raw and wrathful, as exposed and defenseless as the day I was born.”

The Needs of Three Women. Being ministered to while ministering to the homeless.

3 Marks of Righteous Anger.

Daily Scriptures to Help Tame the Tongue.

The Story of Gwen and Marlene. This is a theme I have mentioned often, that women’s ministry is not always in specific programs. It’s mostly a matter of being available and interested in others.

Inhospitable Hospitality.

Our Love-Hate Relationship With Christian Art. “Christian art? Are you kidding me? Christianity has produced the greatest art of all time.”

A Letter to an “Expectant” Adoptive Mom. Great advice from one who has gone through the process not only of adopting, but adopting internationally.

How to Get People to Read the Bible Without Making Them Feel Dumb.

Union With Christ in Marriage. “Paul doesn’t give us commands to extract from the other spouse. Instead, Paul instructs us in the graces to give!”

What Foster Parents Wish Other People Knew.

It Takes a Pirate to Raise a Child, HT to Bobbi. Loved this – about how children’s stories shape their ideas of right and wrong, e.g., telling the author’s son that he was acting like Edmund in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe  helped him understand his behavior towards his siblings was wrong when explaining and exhorting wasn’t getting through.

Merry Literary Christmas. 🙂

A couple of fun videos:

An two year old with amazing basketball skills:

Captain Picard and crew sing a Christmas song:

And a nice summary of The Paradox of Christmas:

Happy Saturday!

3 thoughts on “Laudable Linkage and Videos

  1. Wow — loved the “God May Not Have a Wonderful Plan for your Life” so much I posted it on FB. Thanks! I’m off to check off the literary Christmas too. You find so many fun things. Oh, and I have to say that I love Coventry Carol as well. I played an arrangement of it a few Sundays back during offertory 🙂

  2. Ha — just realized that you loved Wexford Carol, not Coventry. Oops! Although I love the Wexford one as well and have it on a CD.

  3. I LOVED the basketball video. I saw it last week and shared it with the kids and with the hubster. I love that he’s 2 years old and I LOVED that all the other kids in the family were cheering him on. (but for the record, I’m still not allowing anyone to play ball in the house).

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