Laudable Linkage

Here are some noteworthy reads from the last couple of weeks:

An Invitation. “I don’t want to be grouchy and discontented. I don’t want to become angry with my kids, short-tempered with my husband, or aloof with my friends. It is my desire to be more. To be patient, kind, and others-centered.”

Dear Lonely Mom of Older Kids.

Why Miscarriage Matters If You’re Pro-Life.

Don’t Be Original.

There are two helpful posts concerning the issue of Christians not wanting to give business to situations that would violate their consciences and whether or not that is hypocritical: Against Christian Hypocrisy and On Weddings and Conscience: Are Christians Hypocrites?

The Heartbreak of Foster Care. “We don’t do it because we aren’t afraid of heartbreak, but because we are afraid of what would happen to them without us.”

Trailer for “Unbroken” Movie. I loved the book about Louis Zamperini, Olympic runner who became a POW in WWII. The trailer looks good: I hope the movie does it justice.

Teddy Roosevelt’s Rules For Reading. I especially like the idea that there is no list of the 100 best books that will fit everyone.

Infographic: Top Ten Reasons for Choosing a Paper Book Over an E-Book. I do read e-books – can’t pass up the free or deeply discounted chance to get books, plus they’re convenient to carry around – but I do still prefer paper books. This graphic shows the top reasons other people prefer them, too.

Why Some Kids Can’t Spell and Why Spelling Tests Won’t Help.

And a couple of fun things:

Tiny Lego Photographer. Really neat photos.

The Man Who Built the Settlers of Catan game.

20 People Who Tried Things on Pinterest and Totally Nailed It. This is hilarious. I’ve written before of some of my cake disasters: these look like something I would do.

I saw this going around Facebook: a math teacher whose students never suspected his secret softer side:

1 thought on “Laudable Linkage

  1. The miscarriage post breaks my heart. I have been blessed to not have experienced a loss like that but her words are so true. People mean well, but the words are still hurtful. Thanks for sharing that one. I will remember her words.

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