Friday’s Fave Five

 It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

Some weeks you have to really search for five favorite things: some weeks you have enough to do a couple of “fave fives!” Here are some highlights from my week:

1. Getting a haircut. Nothing radical, but I had either been unable or unmotivated to get to it for weeks and was way overdue. My hair cooperates much better at a certain length. And I was able to snip at a couple of areas I didn’t like as well and have it all turn out ok – that doesn’t always happen. 😀

2. Putting winter clothes away even though we’re still having some cold days. I do still have sweaters and jackets in the hall closet. 🙂 Those dark, heavier things that are so cozy in the fall and winter just seemed oppressive to me now. Love the look of my closet with springy colors! I used to work in a fabric store and loved the transformation when we got the store ready for spring and put away the wools and darker fabrics.

3. The first day of spring! I had thought, for some reason, that it was Sunday, so I was delightedly surprised when I went on Facebook and say people heralding the first day of spring yesterday.

4. Job offers for my youngest son. He’s about to finish up his associate’s degree in May. In one of his classes different groups are doing projects for businesses in town, and in a meeting the man they are working with, he told Jesse he’d like for him to send him his resume. Of course, that might not lead to anything, but it was encouraging! Then his school held a job fair this week, and Jesse visited booths and passed out resumes. One in particular seemed to hold some promise.

5. Getting rid of a bush I’ve always disliked that was right by the front door. I don’t know what variety it was, but it looked like a fir tree collapsed in on itself. I’ve never liked it and asked about getting it removed, but my husband wanted to keep it there. It’s been dying out (no, I didn’t help it along 🙂 ), and he finally removed it last Saturday. Now we get to decide what to replace it with!

Bonus: Not getting the snow that was forecast one day this week. Right now my weather apps are showing that we might get some next week – hopefully it will pass us by then, too.

Hope you’re having a great week!

11 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Happy spring to you! Getting job prospects is exciting. I used to feel that and probably will again in the coming months as I am considering a new job somewhere… I’m not sure which country yet… but will get there. Fave # 5 sounds cute 🙂

  2. How nice to put the winter clothes away ! I hope it will not be to cold when I get back on Sunday. I wish good luck for your son that he finds a good job quickly !

  3. Oh dear, I hope you don’t get snow! That is good news about your son and his job prospects! I will pray for him tonite that God would guide just the right person/ job to him. I got my hair cut today too!!! I can totally relate about the winter clothes but…..still too dreary and cold here for spring wear. Enjoy your weekend and let’s hope that God brings us some warmer temps!!!

  4. Happy Spring to you! It is funny how those heavy clothes seem so lovely to take out in fall and yet how quickly we’re ready to put them away at the first sign of spring. It might be one degree above freezing up here and you’re bound to see someone in shorts!

    Congrats to your son – that sounds very encouraging!!

    Hope that snow passes you (and us) by!

  5. it’s apparently Spring organizing week with the clothes. We went through the kids’ clothes this morning, putting things away, getting things out to be cleaned and use in the next season.

    A hair cut is on my list from this past week as well! Feels nice to check things off the list.

    Sounds exciting for Jesse! Hopefully something will pan out quickly and he’ll enjoy whatever it is!

  6. Congrats on managing with your hair! I’ve never had much success with cutting my own! Things sound so hopeful for your son on the job front. And spring seems not so far away on your weather front!

  7. Sounds like a productive week! I am hoping that spring weather soon gets here — looks like maybe another week of 30s for us as highs before it improves. I love learning that you worked at a fabric store! I love fabric stores 🙂 And congrats/best wishes to youngest son on the job …

    • No, I only snipped at a couple of places after getting it cut somewhere else. It would be a disaster if I tried to cut all of it myself, LOL (speaking from experience….)

      On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 1:22 AM, Stray Thoughts wrote:


  8. The new job possibilities must be exciting for Jesse! You are a brave soul snipping here and there with your hair. I’m always sorry when I try that kind of thing. We’ve been snowing on and off for 2 days here. It’s more of a spring snow though, big flaked and heavy, so hopefully that real spring weather will show up soon.

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