Update on our little guy

Thanks so much for your kind words and especially prayers for our new little grandson. As I mentioned earlier, he was originally due in late June. He will probably be in the NICU for a couple of months, or until he meets certain milestones (maintaining body temperature, breathing well on his own, being able to eat on his own, etc.).

His breathing is doing pretty well. He was born crying, which all the doctors were surprised at with a preemie. That was a really good sign. They did put a tube down his throat the first day to put some medicine down in his lungs to keep them expanded, and he was on a CPAP for a few days which, if I understand it correctly, pushes air in something like gentle breaths. But as of Tuesday he was on just oxygen in a tube under his nose. He forgets to breathe every now and then until they stimulate him in some way, but overall he is doing well in that regard.

He’s a little jaundiced now, not unusual for even a full term baby. I don’t know if that is a little more critical for him since his liver isn’t fully developed yet, but they have him under a special light to help with that.

They put in a feeding tube yesterday to start giving him some formula, just a miniscule amount at first, to see if his digestive system handles it okay. Then they’ll gradually increase the formula or breast milk while decreasing his iv fluids. They say it will be a few weeks yet before he’s developed the skills to suck and then swallow and breathe all together without choking.

The first neonatal doctor who talked to my son and daughter-in-law said this will probably be more of an up and down journey, with highs and lows, good days and bad, rather than one of continual steady improvement. So far everything is going well, but it will be a long journey.

I’d appreciate your continued prayers for all of them: for the little guy, that he’d continue to improve and get to go home as soon as possible. for Mom as she recovers herself, for Dad as he tries to keep up with everything, for both of them as they pray and watch over him. I was thinking of my daughter-in-law last night in the sense that usually, when you have a newborn, you get to stay home in your pjs and cuddle and get to know him. Instead she is going out to the hospital a couple of times a day for several hours while still recovering and trying to get going with the breast pump, and she’s not able to hold him (other than just for a few minutes one day). Would appreciate your prayers for them for strength and stamina as well as grace for everything involved. They are doing well, but as the doctor said, this will be a long haul.

I did get to go to the NICU one night and then again this morning, and was able to touch him and talk with him. The rule in the NICU is that no one else can visit the baby unless a parent is there, so I have to coordinate going with when they are there (which is fine, because I want to see them, too. 🙂  ) and when someone is here to care for my mother-in-law. We had just cut her caregiver’s hours back a couple of weeks ago, mainly for financial considerations, so that limits what times I can go out. I may be able to get permission to see him by myself, but I’d still like to go when my son and d-i-l are there, too, as much as possible.

At this point I am not showing his face or sharing his name or any vital statistics on the blog, partly because I haven’t had a chance to ask his parents how they feel about it, but partly because things are just so vulnerable right now. My own kids were older when I started a blog, so as long as I wasn’t too specific about our location, I didn’t have a problem sharing pictures or their names. But it is different with a baby. 🙂 However, I’ll give you just a glimpse:



Isn’t he sweet? 🙂

Thanks again, so much, for your love, care, and prayers.

16 thoughts on “Update on our little guy

  1. Thank you for the update ~ we continue upholding you all before our Dear Father’s throne of grace and mercy.

  2. wow the rules have changed, when our grand daughter was in NICU I was there every day, and I didn’t have to have my daughter there. praying for your little baby… he is precious.

  3. Hello Barbara,
    I am praying for your family. This mustbe extremely challenging for all of you. May I suggest, however, that you do not share your grandchild’s real identity at any point? There are too many risks associated with revealing the names and faces of children online, and, although I am certain you are already in love with this newest family member, please consider that your intended audience isn’t the only audience for your blog, and once the information is out there, it is impossible to remove from the internet. Anyone with evil intent and an interest in children has as much access as the godly people in your life.
    I say this only because I have seen friends and family of my own who, in their excitement over their children, tend to reveal a lot of details (albeit unintentionally) which, accumulated over time, amount to just enough information available online for someone to find those children and “visit” them at school or home. One of my relatives routinely posts photos of her children with their names mentioned, in locations very easily identifiable, such as a pose in front of the sign for their elementary school. I pray that they are safe from predators, but any child can be a target even withthe greatest of care and precaution taken; a child whose personal details are rregularly shared online is at even greater risk.
    Please know that I am not in any way criticising you. I just want your family to be safe.
    May God bless you all.

  4. My Grasshopper arrived in the world only weighing 1 pound, 8 ounces, and spent 3 1/2 months in the NICU. I know what your precious DIL is going through. I’m praying hard for her and sweet little one! (And all of you, too!)

  5. Prayers for your little one. I had a grand-daughter that weighed 1 lb. 12 oz.. So I know what you are all going through. Luckly my hubby and I were there to take my daughter to the hospital twice a day and encourage her. The little one is now 7 and in 2nd grade. So will pray for the health of the little one and comfort for all.

  6. Sweet little glimpses of your family’s newest treasure. Thanks for the update, Barbara. We’ll be praying for that bumpy road ahead for the family.

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  10. Barbara,

    Just dropped by your blog to catch up — oh my, things have been happening at your end. Congrats! AND I WILL DEFINITELY PRAY!!! Thanks for sharing snapshots of your grandson.

    Blessings to him and his parents & grandparents.

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