Laudable Linkage

It has been a while since I’ve been able to share some of the interesting reading I have come across recently. Hope some of this is of interest to you!

A neat study on True Woman about the “I am” statements referring to God and those referring to us.

Smilingly Leading You to Hell. Sadly, some of the most appealing speakers don’t always have the best messages.

The Assumption We Cannot Afford on the need to teach the Bible and encourage others to study it for themselves. Excellent.

Missing the Forest for the Trees. “The Bible is not just a spiritual search engine.”

In the Heat of the Moment, dealing with rampant emotions.

Anger: Giving In to the Enemy.

Let’s Stop Forgiving Those Who Don’t Want Forgiveness. This has long been my stance on this.

Help! My Kids Are Looking at Porn! Advice for how to handle that.

Authentic worship, hands down. “Authentic worship means to me exactly what it means to you: the freedom to worship as the Lord leads. I have traveled the length of the denominational spectrum….It was a long trip through myriad worship styles, and participation was not always optional. My hands are at my sides for the same reason yours are thrown in the air: because I am free – free from the expectations of any of my fellow worshippers, free to worship in whatever posture the Spirit leads.  The truth is, I do occasionally raise my hands, but never when told to by a worship leader or a lyric. Because of my history, nothing could be more inauthentic, nothing less free.” This spoke to me on many levels. The churches I have attended are not usually physically demonstrative, but worship is sometimes “commanded” in other ways (“Turn to your neighbor and say…” or “Pray this right now” or any number of others things dictated from the pulpit). There is a difference between leading worship and manipulating worship.

How Mothers Can Worship In the Midst of Inconvenience.

 What Winter Trees Know About Singing. Lovely, lovely post about handling children’s questions without squashing their innocence and wonder.

Ten Lessons From a Hospital Bed.

Always Apologize First, HT to nikkipolani. “Apologizing first is the bucket of water which douses the flames threatening to burn bridges between wife and husband or father and children.”

100 Ways to Thank a Teacher. Neat ideas for end of the year teacher gifts – or any time you want to express appreciation to a teacher.

Happy Saturday!

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