What’s On Your Nightstand: May 2014

What's On Your NightstandThe folks at 5 Minutes For Books host What’s On Your Nightstand? the fourth Tuesday of each month in which we can share about the books we have been reading and/or plan to read.

Since last time I have completed:

Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis, reviewed here. Great Christian classic.

Wednesdays Were Pretty Normal: A Boy, Cancer, and God by Michael Kelley, reviewed here. Probably will be one of my top ten books of the year.

The Great Divorce by C. S. Lewis, reviewed here. Interesting….

Courageous by Randy Alcorn, audiobook, reviewed here.

My Man Jeeves by P. D. Wodehouse, audiobook, for Carrie’s  Reading to Know Classics Book Club selection for April, reviewed here. Wodehouse is always good for some light-heartedness.

The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge for Carrie’s  Reading to Know Classics Book Club selection for March. I was very late with this one. Reviewed here. It was ok – I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would.

The Seamstress: A Memoir of Survival by Sara Tuvel Bernstein, audiobook, reviewed here. Probably will be another of my top ten books of the year. (Actually, looking at my last Nightstand post, I had finished it last month but didn’t get the review up until later).

I’m currently reading:

The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky via audiobook. It’s not on Carrie’s  Reading to Know Classics Book Club list until August, but I know it will take a while to get through and I wanted to get a head start.

Loving the Church by John Crotts, sent to me by Carrie a long time ago.

Next up:

The Book of Three by Alexander Lloyd, first book in the Prydain Chronicles.

Why We Are Not Emergent: By Two Guys Who Should Be by Kevin DeYoung, Ted Kluck, and David F. Wells (which makes 3 guys….)

The Knowledge of the Holy by A. W. Tozer

I’m wanting to get through my TBR Challenge list, but I am also wanting to take a break and read something just for fun, too. I’ve been itching to get to Dee Henderson’s Undetected, so I may lay aside the lists and challenges and do that.

4 thoughts on “What’s On Your Nightstand: May 2014

  1. I’d been fairly scared to read Wednesdays Were Pretty Normal, but after your review, I may pick it up sometimes. I just didn’t want it to be too sad.

    It’s been quite awhile since I read The Knowledge of the Holy, but I remember thinking at the time that it was a worthy book.

    Good list!

  2. There are several on your list (particularly the ones you tag as top ten picks!) that I want to read.

    I hope you enjoy The Book of Three! We’re in the middle of the last book, The High King, right now.

    I had forgotten that Brothers K is on Carrie’s bookclub list. I’m not sure I’ll be able to tackle that one this year.

  3. It always amazes me how many “deep” books you are able to tackle. I, too have laid aside a specified reading goal in favor of just reading for fun for the summer.

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