Reading Challenge Update

2014tbrbuttonI keep forgetting that Roof Beam Reader, who hosts the 2014 TBR Pile Challenge, has check-in points around the 15th of each month so we can summarize how we’re doing. I haven’t done one since June, and since that time I have completed (all links are to my reviews):

How to Read Slowly by James W. Sire

The Book of Three by Alexander Lloyd

The Girl in the Gatehouse by Julie Klassen

Just Jane, A Novel of Jane Austen’s Life by Nancy Moser

The last two were my alternates, and this completes twelve books from my list, so technically I am done. I have started Why We Are Not Emergent: By Two Guys Who Should Be, one of the books on my original list. I’d like to get to How to Be a Writer but I am not sure I will. I like to read a book about writing now and then to keep those fires stirred up, but the lack of time to write is a bit of a sore spot right now, so I am undecided.

classics2014I’ve completed everything for the Back to the Classics Challenge except To Kill a Mockingbird, both the book and the movie. We’ll be reading that title in December for Carrie’s  Reading to Know Classics Book Club, so I’ll pick that one up then, or maybe a little early.


bible-verse-christian-hebrews-12-1-2For the The Cloud of Witnesses Challenge, in addition to Mere Christianity and Crowded to Christ, which I had read earlier this year, I finished The Knowledge of the Holy by A. W. Tozer. I had planned to read four books in this category of nonfiction books written by a Christian who has passed on, so with these three and the devotional I am reading by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman, I’ll have no problem finishing my goals for this challenge as well, though I may read one or two more before the year is out.

As much as I have enjoyed the challenges, especially the impetus to work some titles into my reading that I might not have gotten to otherwise, I’m happy to be pretty much done with them and back to some of the fiction books that have been waiting for me.

3 thoughts on “Reading Challenge Update

  1. You have been a busy reader. The thing I always enjoy about you is that you do choose titles from so many different genres. I tend to stick to one or two and you have inspired me to stretch and grow a bit in this area. Thanks so much, my friend!

    I continue to pray for your pastor’s family and the church family…and for you and your husband as you care for his mom. (((hugs)))

  2. I too forget to post updates for Roof Beam. Not that I have gotten very far on marking off my list for this challenge but I have always struggled with remembering to post on the 15th. Great progress! keep going!
    My reading has really taken a different turn since I have been listening to the Lord and trying to follow His direction more closely. The books that I had planned on reading don’t even seem appealing to me now. The Cloud of WItnes challenge and the Operation Deepen Faith challenge are really all that I am working on.
    Family, homesteading, and church are taking up most of my time.

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