Friday’s Fave Five

FFF fall backgroundIt’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends. Here are my favorite parts of the last week:

1. A surprise for our assistant pastor. Our assistant pastor has been with our church for 10 years now, and last Sunday the church was able to surprise him and his wife with a celebration during the Sunday School hour. We saw a video of some of his testimony (he has been in a wheelchair for some years now due to a car accident when he was on college), then our music pastor “interviewed” him and his wife about how they met, how God miraculously provided a handicap-accessible van with hand controls, etc. Then we presented a check that had been collected toward an upcoming Disney trip they were planning. Someone made signs with their faces on them like those used in campaigns – some of the kids held and waved those. Someone else put together a photo of their family in a frame with a wide white mat and asked everyone to jot a note to them on the mat. It was a lot of fun, and it was a treat to surprise and hopefully bless them in this way.

2. A camping trip – not for me, but for Jesse. He and some friends had been planning to go camping Friday night, but the weather turned wet and drizzly. They decided it was dry enough to go, and the rain started coming down again just as they were finishing eating. They were able to spend the night and then went into town the next morning to eat breakfast and shop a little. I was so glad it worked out for them to go – it takes a lot of preparation to go camping, and it’s sad to go through all that then not be able to go.

3. An in-house dinner date. Since Jesse was gone, I texted Jim about the possibility of bringing home something from Red Lobster for a “date.” πŸ™‚

4. A scheduling snafu untangled. It’s a long story and would be pretty boring to read, but suffice it to say that somehow I ended up with two appointments at the same time on the same day. The one I’d rather have put off was one where the office staff had been a little….rude, let’s say, when I had tried to reschedule once before, so I wasn’t looking forward to having to reschedule again. But this time they were kind and friendly and it wasn’t a problem at all. Must have been a different person on the phone this time. At any rate, I was thinking and dealing with this over 2 or 3 days, and it was a relief when it was all worked out.

5. An incident with a spider. Such incidents are usually far from favorites. But last night after we got Great-Grandma ready for bed, I opened the door from her room into the garage, and a spider was coming straight my direction. I said, “Oh! Spider! Spider! Spider!” (I’m so articulate at such times.) Just then he jumped straight up and then started running around like crazy, almost as if thinking, “Oh! Human! Human! Human!” Thankfully the one who promised to love, cherish, and defend me from bugs took care of it for me.

Happy Friday!

11 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I’m chuckling at your spider story. Thankful for husbands – mine keeps me safe from mice.

    What a lovely thing your church did for your assistant pastor! I’m sure they appreciated their blessings from you all.

  2. I was laughing at your spider story because today in the kindergarten classroom one of the little non- special needs girls came running over to me where I was teaching a small group and said Mrs T there’s a spider in the Legos!!!” I pretended to be very creeped out and said ” oh I don’t do spiders…..EW…..” So she said, ” ok I’ll go tell the boy teacher”. LOL ( the head teacher of the classroom is make). Great list of faves!!!

  3. You brought a smile when I read about the spider.
    I am usually the animated one at such times.
    However lately it’s been while I was a passenger in a car and I mouth…deer! deer! deer!

  4. What a blessing it was to read of the surprise your church family gave to your assistant pastor. I am sure they were very appreciative of being treated so warmly. I like the way you planned your in house “date” with your hubby! πŸ™‚ I’m so glad when the two of you exchanged your vows that he vowed to cherish, love and defend you from bugs! πŸ™‚

  5. Well, I really did laugh out loud to read the exchange between you and the spider πŸ™‚ And such a relief to not deal with surly people when you need to straighten out appointments.

    I love how your church celebrated that pastor. Surely, he and his family must sense the support and encouragement.

  6. I think “love, cherish and defend from bugs” should be part of every wedding vow! I laughed at the way you described you and the spider’s feelings upon discovery of each other. LOL. That is a really awesome way for your church to celebrate your pastor.

  7. Funny spider story! I am the go-to person for spider annihilation. My ‘love cherish and defend from’ would be snakes.
    Also, I’m glad the rescheduling turned out ok. I don’t understand the rude schedulers…
    Loved your pastor’s surprise party πŸ™‚

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