Laudable Linkage

Here are some noteworthy reads from the last week or so:

“Make No Provision” For Your Yelling. The principles are good for anything you’re trying to overcome.

Which Promises Are For Me? There are many reasons it is not good to pick a promise out of context from Scripture and apply it to a situation it wasn’t meant for. Excellent thoughts from Jen about understanding and applying promises in the Word.

Handsome Lives at My House. Mine, too! 🙂

Imaginations Should Be Exercised.

7 Suggestions For Parenting Adult Children.

And, finally, I lived in Houston for 6 years, and when a fellow former Houstonian posted this on Facebook, it cracked me up. Houston isn’t really that bad when it snows.

Hope you’re having a good Saturday!

3 thoughts on “Laudable Linkage

  1. Wow, Barbara…what a solemn truth you’ve shared here today! First of all, thank you for being open and honest about these sandpaper people in your life. I feel reasonably sure that we all have them…at least one…just when we need to have some of the rough edges sanded off in our character. His Sovereignty sees to that. But I had never looked at that as a more testimony on my part…I wonder how many people I am sandpaper to? I’m convicted and need to go to the Lord now, but I wanted first to say thank you for sharing here today…this very post! I surely do appreciate you, my friend…my dear friend. Hugs to you.

    • Thank you, sweet friend, I am so grateful for redemption and forgiveness as well. And for something you brought up that I hadn’t thought about, at least in this particular post, that should humble me as well – that sometimes I am unwittingly the sandpaper to someone else. That should humble me when I get irritated at someone else sandpapering me. We so need to walk circumspectly and lovingly with each other – may He help us to do so.

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