Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

Except for finding out from the dentist yesterday that I am going to have to have a tooth pulled, it has been a really good week, with a balance of getting stuff done and having time to rest. Here are some of the best parts of it:

1. The Ladies’ Christmas Party at our church. Always a highlight of the year.

2. The children’s Christmas pageant at church. They always do pretty much a straight portrayal of the Nativity every year with just the songs and actors changing. But it is always good to be reminded that that’s what it is all about. Plus they’re just so cute. 🙂 Especially the little three year olds in animal costumes. It’s fun, too, to watch the children grow through the years and take on different parts as they get older.

3. A good roast. We don’t have red meat very often for various reasons, but I had been craving roast beef lately. Extremely high beef prices have prevented me from getting any kind of beef in recent months, but I caught a good sale on roasts a couple of weeks ago and put one in the crockpot Sunday. So good. Plus with leftovers for the Sunday evening meal, stir fry the next night, and a few lunches, we definitely got out money’s worth out of it.

4. Online shopping and free shipping. It’s so much more convenient to shop online for many things than to drive from store to store. Plus, I thought perhaps we had missed some of the best deals that would have occurred Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but almost every site I’ve gone to has offered either a sales discount or free shipping or both. Sweet!

5. Mutual admiration. I think I mentioned last week that my youngest son started working at the same place as my middle son. I was a little afraid that they might get on each other’s nerves – that can happen with siblings and coworkers in any circumstances. But it has been a blessing to hear them praising each other, seeing each other in a different light as adults with skills each didn’t know the other had.

It’s also been a good week for making progress on Christmas preparations: a good chunk of the shopping done, cards and letters almost ready to go. We have simplified all of that over the years and learned to start earlier in the month so it doesn’t feel stressed and pressured. I’ll have to have some marathon wrapping sessions when everything comes in, but I have some recorded TV shows to catch up on, so I’ll combine all of that. I hope your Christmas preparations are going well and you have some time to sit in the glow of the Christmas tree with a cup of coffee.

10 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I don’t eat red meat very often either but once in awhile I will crave a hamburger (a good one, not a fast food one!) Our church’s children’s program is this Sunday. I always enjoy these and marvel at the patient adults who put it all together! Have a blessed weekend.

  2. Absolutely enjoying the season with a warm drink and quiet! I’ve found that starting the preparation early lets me think more leisurely about loved ones without feeling the pressure of time. Christmas pageant sounds adorable, and, being predictable, the children can anticipate what their role will be the next year 😉 And I’m so glad about your two boys working well together. Must do your mama’s heart good!

  3. So glad for your blessings this week Barbara! I’m still floating from Thanksgiving and the time I had with family. I was able to get lots of Grandma time in which is always a joy! Also, a great day this past week when I received my Christmas book I won from your give away! Still working on finishing up my current read, then my cozy nights will find me wrapped up in a blanket, a cup of tea and my new book! Thanks again!

  4. The ability to shop online has definitely been a boon for us as well. Daniel’s family celebrated Christmas at Thanksgiving – and since we’d just brought Tirzah Mae home, we weren’t traveling to join the family. Instead, we just had our gifts for the family shipped directly to Daniel’s brother’s house, where the celebration was held. We’ll likely be doing the same thing with Christmas gifts for my side of the family, since we’re all spread out around the globe.

  5. Barbara, sounds like you have had a great week! Your roast beef reminds me I have a roast in the freezer I need to cook. I think I will make that for our lunch after church on Sunday.

    It’s so neat both your sons work at the same place! They can look out for each other. :o)

  6. we no longer buy beef at all either except for sirloin steak tips once a month in the summer months for grilling. we have switched to bison for low fat reasons and they are grass fed out in western NY about 5 hours west of us. I am doing what you are: online shopping and wrapping marathon. my baking starts tomorrow and tonight I am nursing a sore throat and body aches with throat care tea. and praying it doesn’t turn into the flu!! happy weekend!

  7. I prefer shopping online to going to the crazy stores! 🙂 Ahhhh, the wonderful fun of Christmas pagents and parties! I have memories of those from when I was child. We don’t really have enough people in our church to put anything like that on.
    Glad your son’s job is working out nicely! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I always buy the cheapest of roasts and throw them in the crockpot and let it work it’s magic. They always turn out tender and flavorful. Crockpots are a blessing in these crazy meat price days. I was complaining to hubby that we are paying more for ground beef than I did for T-bone steak years ago.

    Our Christmas pageant is coming up and I always look forward to it. I love the unexpected things that always occur when children are involved in a production. You just never know what they will say or do no matter how much they rehearsed.

    We actually have Black Friday here now too in my area of Canada. I refuse to get caught up in that craziness. I just don’t have the patience for overcrowded stores anymore just to catch a deal. I’ll have to get more into online shopping like you.

  9. Love reading about that brother bond — nothing quite blesses a mom’s heart like that does, I know. I agree with you about online shopping and shipping. It’s a lifesaver. Have a blessed Christmas!

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