The Laura Ingalls Wilder Reading Challenge 2015 Sign-up Post

Welcome to the fourth annual Laura Ingalls Wilder Reading Challenge! We hold it in February because her birthday  (February 7, 1867) and the day of her death (February 10, 1957) both occurred in February, so this seemed a fitting time to commemorate her.

Many of us grew up reading the Little House books. I don’t know if there has ever been a time when there wasn’t interest in the Little House series since it first came out. They are enjoyable as children’s books, but they are enjoyable for adults as well. It’s fascinating to explore real pioneer roots and heartening to read of the family relationships and values.

For the reading challenge in February, you can read anything by, about, or relating to Laura. You can read alone or with your children or a friend. You can read just one book or several throughout the month — whatever works with your schedule. If you’d like to prepare some food or crafts somehow relating to Laura or her books, that would be really neat too.

If you’d like to read something other than the Little House books, I’ve listed a few others under Books Related to Laura Ingalls Wilder, but that list is by no means exhaustive.

Let us know in the comments whether you’ll be participating and what you think you’d like to read this month. That way we can peek in on each other through the month and see how it’s going (that’s half the fun of a reading challenge). On Feb. 28, I’ll have another post where you can share with us links to your posts or let us know what you read for the month. Of course if you want to post through the month as you read, that would be great. You don’t have to have a blog to participate: you can just leave your impressions in the comments if you like. And I just may have a prize at the end of the month for one participant. 🙂

My own plans are to read By the Shores of Silver Lake and possibly The Long Winter if time allows. I’ve ordered Pioneer Girl, the recently published annotated manuscript of Laura’s first autobiographical writing from which sprang the Little House books, but it is out of stick and not expected to ship until the end of February. But maybe it will get here in enough time for the challenge.

Feel free to grab the button for the challenge to use in your post:

Laura Ingalls Wilder Reading Challenge
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12 thoughts on “The Laura Ingalls Wilder Reading Challenge 2015 Sign-up Post

  1. I’m reading Laura Ingalls Wilder Country – The People and Places Behind Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Life and Books by William Anderson. If I’ve got time I might just start the Little House series with the first book.

  2. Barbara, I definitely want to be a part of this challenge…and I purchased a book last year to participate and then something came up that prevented me from taking part. I’ve not yet read the book…but I can’t put my finger on it right now. So when I find it later on today I will let you know the title.

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  4. Sounds like fun. I haven’t read any of the Little House books since my daughter was little so I’ll just read which ever of them our local library has on the shelf and I’ve put a hold on “West from Home” because it sounds interesting (hopefully I’ll get it in plenty of time to read for the challenge).

  5. I’m planning to join in, but I waited till the last minute to reserve any books at the library. Now I’m waiting for them to become available, or to arrive at my library. I’m planning to get the Little House Crafts book again, and this time I’m going to make 2-3 projects, just for the fun of it. I have some vintage fabric and doilies that I can use. I also have Pioneer Girl on hold, but I’m in position 3 for that, so it may not arrive before the end of the month. And I’ll read On The Shores of Silver Lake, the next book in the series since I last read any of them.

  6. Please count me in. I only own one book of hers – The Long Winter – and it is falling apart, I’ve read it so much. I want to start at the beginning but it depends on what books are available at my library.

  7. I’m late, but I’m in. I’ve already started reading Farmer Boy and we’ve got a Farmer Boy inspired meal on the menu for this next week (although there’s no way I’d actually prepare an entire meal like Mother did – we’d be as wide as buses since we don’t do anywhere near as much hard work as they did!)

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