Friday’s Fave Five

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It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

I try to keep a running list during the week for things to possibly include for the Friday’s Fave Five, and it’s a good thing, because sometimes on Friday when I sit down at the computer, I can’t even remember what happened yesterday, much less since last week. That’s one of many reasons why I love the FFF: it reminds me of my blessings and reminds me to be thankful for them. Here are a few from this week:

1. A baby shower for a lady at church. I love brunch showers and all the breakfasty things, the time to fellowship with other ladies, and watching all the cute little baby things being unwrapped. (Something that amused me for this shower: usually when I wrap a baby gift, I’ll write “Baby…” and the last name on the card: Baby Smith, Baby Jones, etc. This family’s last name was Bottoms, and it didn’t strike me until I started to address the card that it would be to Baby Bottoms. πŸ™‚ Got a good chuckle out of that.)

2. A hairdresser who makes house calls. One thing we had to iron out when Great-Grandma came to live with us was haircuts. It would be difficult, though not impossible, to get her to a salon, but then we’d have no way to get her in one of their chairs, and her Broda chair is too high in the back for someone to reach around to cut her hair while she’s in it. Her former caregiver used to do it: it was above her job description, but she offered to give it a try, and it worked out well. When she left last December, we weren’t sure what we were going to do. I tried it once but wasn’t pleased with it (I have no hair-cutting skills!) Our current caregiver said that she knew a lady who came out to the home of her last patient, so we arranged for her to come out this week. Everything worked out well and she charged us less than what we were expecting. She cut her hair while she was in bed, and she was leaning forward enough for her to be able to reach. She had one of those hairdresser capes that caught most of the hair, but it was done right before her shower, so we were able to change her and the sheets afterward.

3. Kyle eating. A man from our church had a lung transplant over a year ago (it may have been a double lung transplant – I can’t remember for sure.) They’re still dealing with issues related to that and working on his healing. He has had trouble with his esophagus for some time – not sure whether it is connected to the lung issue or a separate issue, but it caused him to aspirate some food into his lungs: not good when you have lung issues in the first place. So he has not been able to eat or drink by mouth for months now. I just cannot imagine – what I can imagine isn’t pleasant! But just this week he passed a swallowing test and was able to eat real food again. That just made my day, maybe my whole week, when I heard.

4. Ground beef on sale. That might sound silly to include, but the price of lean ground beef has been so high for months that I just haven’t bought any. We use ground turkey for most things anyway, but I have a few recipes where ground beef works best. I was going to splurge and buy some for the little heart-shaped meat loaves I often make for Valentine’s Day, and lo and behold, they were marked down. Still too high in my opinion, but I figured I wasn’t going to see that price again any time soon, so I bought 4 packs in order to be able to make some of those other recipes later on as well. I was delighted.

5. Button decorations. I finished off the last of my Christmas gift card to Hobby Lobby with these cute button decorations for my sewing/craft room. They’re each 7 1/2″ across. Honestly, I thought they were way overpriced, but I got one with my 40% off coupon one week, and when I went to do the same another week, they were on sale 1/2 price, so that made them fairly reasonable. Now I have to decide where to hang them.


Sorry for so many lengthy explanations. πŸ™‚ Hope you’re having a good week, and Happy Valentine’s Eve! πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. AH! I’ve been eyeing those same button decorations but I haven’t decided where I’d put them or what I would surround them with and so I keep leaving them at the store. (And I’ll probably do it until they are gone and THEN I’ll come up with a workable idea!) I think those are so very cute! I’d love to see what you do with them.

    Chuckling over Baby Bottoms. ;D

    And how nice to find someone who will come to the home and cut hair! NICE!

  2. I hear you on the ground beef. I bought a quarter of beef from one of my uncles two summers ago and just ran out of the ground beef around Christmas. I was shocked when I went to buy some at the store and found it around $4 per pound! I am thankful this week that my uncle announced he’s “taking orders” for another round of beef. I can make do on cheaper meats, but Daniel really enjoys beef and it’s nice to give him what he likes πŸ™‚

  3. oh I love our hobby lobby although I haven’t been there lately! cute decor! that is good news about your friend being able to eat by mouth now. we have a student in the special Ed room next to mine and he requires a feeding tube. it’s quite a process! happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy your weekend!

  4. Baby showers are completely unknown here ! I heard about it for the first time reading it on a blog and had to google what it was ! We also have hairdressers coming into the house especially for elderly people.

  5. Barbara, one of the things I so love about you is your compassion for others who are hurting. Two of your blessings this week that you’ve listed are prime examples of that beautiful Christ like trait…being happy for Great-Grandma to be able to have a hair cut and then the man in your church who was able to eat food this week! You are a blessing, my friend.

    Love your buttons, also! I have a thing for buttons. πŸ™‚

    I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s weekend.

  6. That’s a compassionate heart you have Barbara. That is great that Kyle can eat again. A hairdresser that does house calls…now that’s great. I want a massage therapist to come to my house! πŸ™‚
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I love baby showers, too. I had to smile at “Baby Bottoms.” There is a friend of mine who had the maiden name of Bottom. Her sister was named Sandy. I thought it was just too mean of her mom to name her, Sandy Bottom!

    So glad to hear your friend can eat again! It would be terrible to never be able to taste food.

  8. I certainly agree with the ground beef comment. We’ve eaten less of it the last few weeks. I have the same trouble with my mother and salon visits, though to a lesser degree than you have. I’ve trimmed her hair at home but not always a very good job. I’m so glad you found someone who will come to the house.

  9. I like the long explanations just fine. I cared for a bed bound lady once as a private duty nurse and washed her hair with her lying flat with her head hanging slightly off the end of the bed. That way, I could get behind her and lift her head to wet it. I used plastic sheeting to keep the bed dry. They do make a special bed sink for this. Maybe you could check with a medical equipment store.
    Praise that the man can eat again.
    Its good to buy ground beef on sale, brown and freeze for future use. I don’t use it much myself but I did make a meatloaf this week.
    Mama Bear

  10. Hello Barbara, I didn’t mind the long explanations as they help me to get to know you better. πŸ˜‰

    So you must have restrained yourself and not written “Baby Bottoms.” Good thing you caught it before writing and sealing the card.

    When we lived in England, I knew a hairdresser who came and gave cuts to many of the folks on our street. It was the first and only time I’ve ever been regular about keeping my hair stylish.

    So glad you were able to buy beef for the heart-shaped meatloaf.

  11. Such encouraging fives, Barbara. I love it that you found someone who could accommodate your mother-in-law so she could get a haircut. Good news and answered prayers for Kyle. So much we take for granted!

  12. Those are awesome button decorations! Here in Alberta where we raise beef, for heaven’s sake, the price is utterly ridiculous for ground beef. I’m paying per pound what I used to pay for a t-bone steak. Such is the times I guess. Baby Bottoms made me laugh. And so happy for the gentleman from your church. How wonderful that you found someone to cut your Mom in laws hair right at home. That is a blessing!

  13. What cute button decorations! I’ve never seen anything like that. (We don’t have a local Holly Lobby) I can’t imagine all the different things you need to think about in caring for your mil. Although my parents were both in wheelchairs, they were ambulatory–bless that lady for her service! And hurray for Kyle!

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