A very special birthday!

A year ago this week, I received word that my daughter-in-law was having some severe cramping and she and my son were on their way to the hospital. I feared she might be losing the baby but hoped maybe a bit of bed rest would prevent that.

I was astonished to receive a text that the baby was coming that day – 10 1/2 weeks early! I didn’t know much about preemies, but thought that low birth weight and breathing were the main issues.

He was 3 lbs. 6 oz., small but not as small as some who had been born early and done fine. Then when I heard the doctors were surprised he had been born crying and he didn’t need a breathing tube, I thought, Great, we’re good to go! Little did I know! We were told that he would have to go to the NICU and would probably be there until his original due date in June.


It’s been an education. Now when someone else has a preemie, I have more of an idea what they’re going through and how to pray. It was such a long ten weeks, with highs and lows, joys and setbacks, and a numbers of concerns with heart and breathing and kidneys and susceptibility to infection and a number of other things. Some of you prayed with us through those days and rejoiced with us when he was released to come home. There have been concerns even after he came home, but thankfully all his systems are working like they’re supposed to and he is developing as he should.

A nurse in the NICU suggested to Jason that he take a picture of Timothy every week with the same stuffed animal for reference to see how much he had grown and changed through the year. This is the photo from this week, with the photo from the first week superimposed so the sheep is the same size:

T 1 year w sheep

I am so very thankful for how far God has brought Timothy and how well he is growing and thriving, physically, mentally, intellectually, and every other way. May He continue to have His hand on him all his life.


Happy first birthday, Timothy!

11 thoughts on “A very special birthday!

  1. Oh…Happy Birthday to Timothy! One would never guess to look at him now that he was a preemie. I do remember praying for your family during that time last year. What a blessing to have watched him grow through the year.

  2. It is so wonderful to see those pictures. What an answer to many prayers to see Timothy so healthy and so big! I love his smile. It looks like he enjoyed his cake! God bless him as he continues to grow and change.

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