Adventures in Elder Care


Seven years ago my husband and I moved his mother 2,000 miles to be near us when she couldn’t live on her own any more. She lived in three separate assisted living facilities, a nursing home, and then came home to live with us about 2 years ago. In the posts below I detail some of that journey and pass along tips and truths that have helped us during this time. I hope you will find something to help you in your journey as well.

Helping Parents As They Age.

12 Things You Should Know About Caring for the Elderly.


Assisted Living and Nursing Homes.

The Introvert in Assisted Living (Ideas for one on one activities)

Caring For a Parent at Home.

Dealing With Caregiver Resentment.

A few more thoughts about caregiver resentment.

A Plea to Caregivers

Ministering To the Elderly and Their Caregivers.

It’s Not for Nothing.

Am I Doing Any Good?

But That’s Not My Spiritual Gift!

Remembering the Loved One Who Has Forgotten You

Bible Verses For Caregivers



21 thoughts on “Adventures in Elder Care

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  9. Love your mother-in-law. She was a special friend to me and my elderly parents in Twin. I appreciate your blog’s updates on how she is doing.

  10. I am so interested in your experiences in elder-care. Kudos for taking care of your mother-in-LOVE. That’s what I came to call mine. She lived with us for 12 years before moving to Heaven. Tough yet rich times. Thanks for sharing.

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  18. Thank you so much. I am going through this same journey, except it is my mom. We brought her to live with us last August. Almost a year ago. She has Alzheimer’s disease and is entering the final stages. Her doctor told me to get rid of the guilt that was oozing off of me, at our last visit. And the care coordinator spent time speaking to me about resentment. It was an amazing revelation. I, too, blog. I, too, am a middle-aged mother of 3 sons who shares her life online. I am blessed to have found you!!!

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