Friday’s Fave Five

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It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends. Here are some favorite parts of the last week:

1. Jason’s birthday. My middle son’s birthday was last Saturday, and we enjoyed celebrating him.

2. A phone call from a friend back in SC – a nice time to catch up a bit, plus to make plans to get together when she and her husband travel nearby. Can’t wait!

3. A new house – no, not for us. We had been looking for something to buy for Jason and Mittu to rent so they could get out of the higher rent apartment plus have more room. We closed on a cute little house yesterday. Whenever they feel like they need to move on (which might not be for 20 years or so – no rush. 🙂 ), we’ll probably either sell it, or, if we’re needing to downsize then, we might move into it. But that’s all way down the road – right now we’re excited for them to have a place that’s both bigger and less expensive.

4. Jim’s mom’s caregiver happily put in some extra hours so we could take care of closing on the house.

5. Safety knob covers for the oven. Timothy has gotten tall enough and curious enough to reach them, so I am glad someone invented these things.

Hope you had a great week! The next few are going to be super-busy for us, and then it’s hard to believe the summer will be over! It’s going too fast!

Happy Friday!

11 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Family birthdays and connecting with friends. That’s what life is all about. How exciting for Jason and Mittu! It’s hard to believe the little one is grown so tall already. Boy, time goes fast.

  2. Oh, I like your solution for Jason and Mittu! Hope all the details go down smoothly. I can appreciate #2 — these seem not terribly exciting when listed among the FFFs, but I know how precious these connections are. Glad you have a visit to look forward to as well.

  3. The house sounds exciting! I know Jason and Mittu will be thrilled to have their own place 🙂 I agree that summer is flying by way too fast. Why doesn’t that happen with winter??

  4. How nice that Jason and Mittu will have a bigger place. I don’t need those knob covers right now but I hope I will in the future! 🙂
    Catching up with an old friend is so nice!
    Have a blessed weekend!

  5. How exciting about the house purchase! And sweet of the caretaker to help out. Happy Belated Birthday to Jason. Exciting that you get to reconnect with old friends.

  6. Your Timothy is getting that big already? How fun. Yes, I am also grateful for the child-proofing things that are available now.

    How lovely that your mother-in-law’s caretaker was able to stay extra hours. That sure relieves stress when you have out-of-the ordinary things going on.

    Hurray on the house! Sounds like a win-win for everyone.

  7. How wonderful for your kids to have a home now. My parents did that for us when we returned from the mission field. It was an amazing blessing.
    Child proofing the stove–so important AND yes we can be very thankful someone invented a way to do that.

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