31 Days With Elisabeth Elliot: Thy List Be Done

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This is another of Elisabeth’s quotes that comes back to me often, especially the last line, especially when my careful plans get disrupted:

I am a list-maker. Every day I make a list of what I must do. I have an engagement calendar and an engagement book. I have a grocery list on the wall beside the refrigerator, last year’s Christmas list in this year’s engagement book (so I won’t duplicate gifts), a master list for packing my suitcase (so I won’t forget anything), a prayer list (a daily one and a special one for each day of the week), and several others.

Recently a wholly unexpected minor operation badly interrupted my list of things to be done that week. But because God is my sovereign Lord, I was not worried. He manages perfectly, day and night, year in and year out, the movements of the stars, the wheeling of the planets, the staggering coordination of events that goes on on the molecular level in order to hold things together. There is no doubt that he can manage the timing of my days and weeks. So I can pray in confidence, Thy list, not mine, be done.

From A Lamp For My Feet

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10 thoughts on “31 Days With Elisabeth Elliot: Thy List Be Done

  1. I am certainly a list maker too. Often I put it to one side but it helps me collect my thoughts and at least try to plan. Thanks for the post.

    • I am, too. I think they’re great tools for planning and getting organized. I just have to remember that if everything doesn’t go according to my list, what’s important is His list. He may have something planned for me that I didn’t know about or hadn’t taken into consideration. I can get really frustrated when my list doesn’t get done until I remember that His list is more important and necessary than mine.

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  3. I credit my husband with helping me let go of constant organization and experience the spontaneous life. As I think on some of our greatest memories together, it has not been the planned ones, but the “let’s see what God does with this one.” Great quote. Thank you.

  4. I would be okay with you doing a 365-days with EE challenge 🙂 Her words are just so calming and helpful!

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