Friday’s Fave Five

FFF tamara'sIt’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

Here are some highlights of the past week or so:

1. Sunny days after nearly a week of rainy ones.

2. Cracker Barrel take out. I love their sampler platter, with smaller portions of meat loaf, chicken and dumplings, and ham. The first two are my favorite entrees there, so it is nice to get a bit of both. And, of course, a slice of Coca Cola cake nicely rounds it off. 🙂

3. Winning two books, one from Susan Braun which I forgot to mention a couple of weeks ago, and one from author Deborah Raney’s Facebook page. I haven’t read any of Deborah’s books yet, so I am excited to have one in hand.

4. Grace. I think we all have people whose personalities just rub us the wrong way. After one encounter with such a person (one of Great-Grandma’s new hospice people) on the phone where I came off as somewhat harsh, I was really praying that I would respond better when she actually came to the house, and, God helping me, we ended up having a nice visit.

5. Safe travels and wellness. Jim had to go out of town again this week, driving this time, and made it there and back safely, and Jason and Timothy had a stomach bug which seems to be pretty much over now. Hopefully it won’t spread to anyone else – it hasn’t seemed to so far.

Happy Friday!

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Congrats on the sunny days and the new books. Both make our days brighter!

    I’m unable to link up today with the FFF crew due to my blogging commitments at the 31 Day Challenge, but wanted to pop in and say hello. My Fridays don’t seem the same without stopping by!

  2. glad the stomach virus didnt linger in your home! my husband traveled this week too and his safe travels made my list of faves!😀 yay for new books!!!

  3. My oldest daughter had the yucky stomach bug this past week. It came and went quickly thankfully.
    Now you went and gave me a craving for Cracker Barrel!
    Happy weekend!

  4. It is always nice to get a new book to read and especially nice when it is won.
    Grace is indeed needed with some folks. Glad that the visit ended up being a good one.
    That is such a great idea of CB to have sampler plates. That way you can get a bit of all your faves. We don’t have a cb here. ;(

  5. I love Deborah Raney’s stories. Which did you win? We’ve had wonderfully sunny days here too, though today the winds are crazy but really we can’t ask for nicer weather in October. I have got to try Cracker Barrel next time we make it to the States. We don’t have them here in Canada that I know of.

  6. Thank you for the reminder that it is us who need the grace to respond kindly.
    I don’t think there are many Cracker Barrels in SoCal (maybe not any) but I know there’s at least one in AZ.
    Enjoy your reading this week!

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