Friday’s Fave Five

(For those looking for today’s 31 Days With Elisabeth Elliot post, it is just below this one.)

FFF fall backgroundIt’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

It’s been one of those weeks that didn’t go quite like I had planned, but it wasn’t a bad week. Here are some of its best parts:

1. A good baby-sitting experience. Sometimes for our little grandson, only mommy or daddy will do, so I was hoping that when they asked us to watch him Friday night so they could go on a much-needed date that everything would go well. It did! He is at such a fun age.

2. A quick fix. I was just about over the edge with frustration with my mouse one day when my son came in and suggested the problem might be with the connection. It’s a wireless mouse with an adapter on a cable of a USB port. The cable was hanging off the back of the computer with the computer actually on top of the adapter somehow. He pulled it back up on top of the computer, and everything worked great. And now I know what to check for if it happens again. 🙂

3. An illness averted. One day I was feeling draggy and run-down, even after a nap, and the next day I had some pretty strong stomach issues, but now everything seems fine. I am glad that was all and not the start of some kind of worse bug.

4. Heat. When it was 66 degrees inside and 39 outside one day, I decided it was finally time to turn the furnace on. I think I might say this every winter, but I am so thankful for easily adaptable heat at the push of a button.

5. A husband at home. Jim has had to travel a little more than usual the last few weeks, and it was nice to have him home all this week.

I didn’t get much of my to-do list done this week, so this Saturday might be a catch-up day. Have a good weekend!

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Yes, with those temps, I’d be turning on the furnace too! I’m glad you didn’t get sick and that you’ve had your husband home with you with week. Have a blessed weekend.

  2. I love quick fixes! And now you know to check connections when electronic gear gets blinky. But how nice to have personalized tech support nearby 😉

    It’s hard to believe we’re nearly 50 degrees warmer than you! No furnace here, yet, but at 66F indoors? Yikes! That sounds chilly!

  3. My wireless mouse only has a small plug for the USB port….
    We had a few days when it was about the same temperature inside and I was tempted to turn on the heat but a quick look at upcoming days showed it would be back in the 80s today and the weekend and I knew I’d need the AC on so I resisted….not quite ready for the cold so happy it didn’t last too long.
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.
    Mama Bear

  4. We have our stove going this week. It’s lovely and warm.

    Glad your baby-stting experience went well. I’ve had a few rough ones but mostly good. sometimes only mommy or daddy will do!

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend- don’t work too hard today 🙂

  5. We had to turn our heat on this past week too!! But that’s ok…it’s been a glorious autumn here in eastern NY and I”m guessing for you all too! (your’re in the mid west, right??) I’m glad you had a good babysitting experience with your precious grandson…he must be getting so big! Have a great week!!

  6. We’ve had the furnace on too already. And I too am thankful we just have to walk to the thermostat and push a button. I can imagine it is hard when your hubby has to travel a lot. Enjoy every minute with him home!

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