Simple Joys of the Season….


…Packages arriving from online purchases.

…Wrapping presents and baking with Christmas carols playing in the background.

…Checking things off to-do lists.

…Receiving Christmas cards, letters, and photos.

Harvest Loaf Cake. I waited until this week to make it so I wouldn’t be tempted by it all month. 🙂

Harvest Loaf cake

…Coming home to a peaceful house after being out in the craziness.

…Finding a just-right gift and anticipating the recipient opening it.

…Driving around looking at Christmas lights.

…Family with time off. For two of them, that won’t happen til Christmas Eve, but I’ve enjoyed having my husband and oldest son home this week and am looking forward everyone being off for a few days.

…Christmas devotionals. The “old, old story” of our Saviour’s birth never gets old.

I don’t anticipate being able to post much until next week. I hope your Christmas preparations are going well and you have a wonderful Christmas Day!


8 thoughts on “Simple Joys of the Season….

  1. Hi Barbara! I pray you and your family have a blessed and merry Christmas! Thank you so much for your great blog! I so enjoy your writings and reading about you and your family. Praying 2016 will be a good year!

  2. Just wanted to pop in and say Merry Christmas! Hustle and bustle around here today! I’m a procrastinator when it comes to getting Christmas stuff done! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Barbara!

  3. I agree with everything on your list!! Although my “harvest loaf cake” is Russian teacakes and fudge!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  4. I like everything about Christmas that you mentioned here. The only thing I didn’t like is how fast it went by. We didn’t get a Christmas letter written this year. Time was zooming and we just couldn’t think of anything to say. (Consider that! When do we ever not have something to say!?) It was a personally loved tradition we decided to take a break from this year but to pick back up next year.We ended up missing that and felt stabs of guilt everytime we received a card and a letter from someone else. (Ahem.)

    Aside from that, Christmas was pretty relaxing with Jonathan’s family in town leading up to the day. The day itself we spent alone, just our family, which we enjoyed very much. We kept it calm and did things at our own pace and that was quite lovely.

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