What’s On Your Nightstand: April 2016

What's On Your NightstandThe folks at 5 Minutes For Books host What’s On Your Nightstand? the last Tuesday of each month in which we can share about the books we have been reading and/or plan to read.

The days, they are a-flying. But it’s nice to catch a few moments to read and seemingly slow time down for a bit.

Since last time I have completed:

True Woman 201: Interior Design by Mary Kassian and Nancy Leigh DeMoss, reviewed here. Excellent resource.

The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins, audiobook, reviewed here.

The Reunion by Dan Walsh, reviewed here.

A Slender Thread by Tracie Peterson, reviewed here.

Every Waking Moment by Chris Fabry, reviewed here.

What Follows After by Dan Walsh, reviewed here.

The last four were on my Kindle app. I’ve started reading from it at night before going to sleep – amazing how much you can read in that time! Occasionally a book will keep me up later than I should be, but not often. I got one more in than I thought I would due to a sick day home from church last Sunday.

I’m currently reading:

Beyond Stateliest Marble: The Passionate Femininity of Anne Bradstreet by Douglas Wilson. Not enjoying this one as much as I had expected to. 😦

Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography by Laura Ingalls Wilder and Pamela Smith Hill

The Renewing of the Mind Project by Barb Raveling

Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, audiobook.

The Hardest Peace: Expecting Grace in the Midst of Life’s Hard by Kara Tippetts

Up Next:

Pride, Prejudice, and Cheese Grits by Mary Jane Hathaway

Ten Fingers For God by Paul Brand

If I finish these, I have a stack of books to be read on my bedroom bookcase and a multitude in my Kindle.

How about you? Have these spring days allowed you some reading time?

9 thoughts on “What’s On Your Nightstand: April 2016

  1. I’ve gotten into the kindle-before-bed habit as well! What I love is that I can read that way with the light off, and I don’t have to get up out of bed when I finish to turn off the light 🙂 You have a bunch of new-to-me authors this month. I’ll have to check them out!

  2. I like to read from my Kindle when I’m in bed too. It’s SO nice to have the backlight so I can go ahead and turn off the lamp. It rarely keeps me up too late either; I tend to go to sleep quickly the first go-round of sleep. (Now when I wake up at 2 a.m, I have a hard time going back to sleep, even with a book.) One day I hope to get to Kara Tippetts’ book, but it seems like it would be a hard emotional book. I’ve not heard of Paul Brand’s book, but it sounds interesting.

  3. I used to read in bed all the time as a kid. Never now as an adult. But I do read before I head to bed all the time. It’s the way I wind down, for sure.

  4. Just finished reading ‘Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good” by Jan Karon. I am looking forward to her next book releasing in May. Am also enjoying my portable Kindle and am reading a unique book called ‘The Gate’ by Dann Stouten . Yet to finish . . . “Love and Respect” – took a class on the topic (a video and discussion series) but was unable to finish because of challenging work schedules for both my husband and me. In the Kindle queue: ‘The Virtuous Wife’ by Darlene Schacht. That’s more of a study book and I am working (slowly) through an online Bible study she’s written.

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