Friday’s Fave Five

friday fave five spring

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

I love balanced weeks of getting things done yet having time for rest and fun as well, and this has been one of those weeks. Here are my favorite bits:

1. Father’s Day. I felt bad that I didn’t have a post here or on Facebook honoring my husband, dad, step-dad, and son, but I’m just not at the computer much on weekends any more, especially if the kids come over. But I enjoyed the opportunity to honor my husband, especially, on “his” day. And, my daughter-in-law made this awesome cake for the occasion!

IMG_1735It was funny that after the dads in the room opened their presents, little Timothy said, “Cake?” ‘Cause cake always follows presents! 🙂

2. Decluttering done, at least for now. My husband and son took several boxes and bags full of things to donate to the local thrift store. Nice to have that done for now, and I’m enjoying the cleaned-out and more organized spaces.

3. Decluttering spreading. My youngest son got inspired to sort through his room as well. He threw away a couple of garbage bags full of stuff (papers, mostly), added to our donation pile, organized his shelves and closet, and even dusted! It had been…a while!

4. Take-out Mexican food. Yum!

5. Healing. My husband has been battling an infection for weeks now, with I don’t know how many different antibiotics. It’s not completely gone, but it finally seems to be well on its way out.

Happy Friday!


7 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Yes,I agree, cake should follow presents, always! Happy that your husband is feeling better. And a good bout of decluttering is one of my favorite things to do:)

  2. Cake should always follow presents! It certainly looks yummy! I’m about to do some decluttering myself again. I love to get rid of stuff I no longer need. Have a great weekend.

  3. Oh there definitely has to be cake after presents! That one looks delicious. Decluttering is very therapeutic. Glad your hubby is on the mend. Have a good weekend.

  4. Oh, that Timothy. He is definitely tracking with the right progression 🙂 My brain cells are slowly becoming more accustomed to frantic activity during the day, at least enough to consider projects in the evening and weekends. Decluttering is definitely on the list.

    Hurray for easy yummy meals and healing for your husband. Happy weekend, Barbara!

  5. That cake looks divine. I decluttered my house while I was off of work for a month. Feels good! Nothing like a good sort, clears the house and the soul. I’m glad your husband is feeling better.

  6. Timothy is a smart little guy! Decluttering does feel good! Glad to hear that your hubby is feeling better. That is a long time to be battling an infection.

  7. Once again, I’m late dropping by, but I just want to say, Praise the Lord for healing, decluttering, take-out and cake! I think that would make any week awesome!

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