Friday’s Fave Five

FFF delicate leavesIt’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

It’s so hard to believe this is the last FFF of October! What a fast-moving month. Here are some of my favorite parts of the last week:

1. Gorgeous fall weather. I’m not fond of the sauna-like humid heat of the summer or the cold and ice of the winter, so I am soaking up this wonderful in-between weather while we have it. Cool mornings, warm afternoons, a crispness in the air, crunchy leaves on the path….lovely! Plus we had a bit of rain a couple of days after having a lack of it for several weeks.

2. A Saturday excursion. Home Depot is one of my little grandson’s favorite places to visit, and he has certain spots he likes to stop at in the store. His parents invited us to come along this past Saturday, both just for the experience with Timothy but also to confer on a paint color for their living room. Then we went to eat lunch at Salsarita’s (Jim and I had never been there) because Timothy likes their tortilla chips. It was a fun morning.

3. Animal crackers. I had been looking for some for ages but could only find the huge containers like for a nursery or daycare. Finally a while back I found the kind in the traditional little red box like I and my kids had grown up with, then more recently I found some in a little plastic cup with a lid. Timothy likes them, and it’s just fun to see him enjoying them.

4. Dinner. Mittu texted me one day that Timothy hadn’t been eating well for a couple of days (teething), and apparently there is something magical about our house because he usually eats pretty well here, so she asked if they could come over and she’d fix dinner here. The chicken fried rice was really good!

5. A surprise vacuum cleaner. I don’t know how it came up in a conversation one night – I think we might have been talking about cordless or wireless things – but I mentioned that I wished someone would make a cordless vacuum, or at least one with a retractable cord you could control with a button, because it’s frustrating to me to have to let out or gather up a long cord in the course of working my way around a room. Jim answered that they had been invented.I don’t know where I have been that I haven’t seen them. Then without telling me, he saw one online for a decent price and bought it. It’s very convenient to use. I don’t think I’ll get rid of my regular one, because I do use the attachments often, especially the one that gets into that edge right next to the wall that the vacuum doesn’t quiet reach on its own. But I don’t use the attachments every time, so this will be great for a quick whisk around the room.

Bonus: I’ve been working on a crafty project for Timothy’s Christmas. His parents are planning to get him his own little Christmas tree so that he can take the decorations on and off and move them around and hopefully leave the big one alone, and Mittu asked me if I’d make him some little ornaments for it. It’s been a long time since I have done anything crafty besides an occasional card, and I’m really enjoying it. No sneak peaks yet, but I’m looking forward to showing them to you when I am done. OK, I changed my mind. 🙂 Here is a sneak peek:


They’re not put together yet – I’ve just been working on the tops so far. The top two are from a free pattern here; the others I’ve just been winging from ideas I’ve seen on Pinterest.


Happy Friday!

14 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Adorable ornaments — pinterest is wonderful for finding craft ideas! One of my favorite gifts I’ve given my nieces are little Christmas trees with ornaments for their rooms. I had a little one in my room when I was a child, too. Nice tradition! I love that you found the little boxes of animal crackers, too. Another great memory!

  2. Very cute ornaments! I have the same problem when vacuuming. Your new one would be perfect. I love that the temp changes in Florida now. So welcoming. Have a great day.

  3. Hello Barbara, that sure is a nice visit when Mittu makes dinner, too. That’s so cute that Timothy enjoys Home Depot but I suppose most kids would enjoy it more than a clothing store! Love those ornaments you are making. What fun it will be to put on and take off the tree. Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. How fun that you get to be part of the things that Timothy enjoys (like going to The Home Depot). You are making some wonderful memories with him.

    I like the ornaments you made. Timothy will have a fun time taking them off the tree and holding them. I just might have to do something similar for my grand daughter. I was thinking I would do more of a wall Christmas tree. have you seen those?

    How wonderful that Mittu asked to come over AND make dinner. Sounds like Timothy is not the only one who enjoys your company.

    Have a great week.

  5. oh how fun to live near your grandson and make ornaments for him and have him to dinner. Those are just adorable and will look so cute on his tree.

    I love autumn too (although I do love summer but it doesn’t get super humid here very often). We’ve had a wonderful autumn..until yesterday’s surprise dusting of snow. but as of this afternoon it was all gone!

  6. It’s funny how you describe fall, I would almost like it ! Because I prefer spring, fall makes me always a little melancholic because it is the beginning of the winter ! Everybody here buys vacuum cleaners robots they are not expensive and do the work alone. You can sit in a chair and watch it !
    My nearly 6 year old grandson doesn’t prepare anything for Christmas, because in the Netherlands they don’t celebrate Christmas, I think it is the only country in the world ! Even Amsterdam is poorly decorated, they celebrate the 6 December Santa Claus !

  7. Those ornaments are adorable–and unbreakable. Giving Timothy his own tree is a great idea!
    And his favorite store is Home Depot? That’s great! He’s going to grow up to be a handyman or a contractor 🙂

  8. Great job on the ornaments!

    Isn’t it fun to spend time with your little grandson? It’s one of my favourite things to do. And how sweet of your dil to make dinner as well.

    We used to get animal crackers in the box in our stockings at Christmas. I loved them!!

    Hope you’re having a good week!

  9. I love your nearly-Timothy-centric faves, Barbara! And I’m glad you changed your mind about sharing those super super cute ornaments. What a terrific idea to have a tree for a little one to decorate and change at will.

    I have friends who have that Roomba vacuum which works great on their dark wood floors — they have dogs and any dog hair or dust shows up instantly, so they like being able to set the vacuum going when they’re not at home.

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