Friday’s Fave Five

FFF fall backgroundIt’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

This week started out with a bang, but thankfully calmed down later in the week. Here are the highlights:

1. God’s protection. I wrote on Sunday about how a fire started in a neighbor’s yard (due to not completely putting out a leaf fire) and spread quickly because it has been so dry here. In this picture that my son took, our fence is on the left, and the fire went neatly around it, though it did warp it a bit and melt the edging Jim had placed for a planting area. All that black area is from the fire.


Some of you remember our tree saga earlier in the year, when a row of 52 trees had to be cut down because they had caught a disease and were dying. They were right where the fence is now, so if they had been there, I am sure they would have caught fire and spread as well. We were thankful they were gone and no one was hurt and the damage wasn’t any worse.

2. Pizza and movie night with the family. We hadn’t done that in a while. We re-watched Finding Nemo.

3. Christmas cards. I wasn’t thinking about Christmas cards while shopping at W-Mart until I passed the Christmas aisles. I had a bit of time so I decided to look, and ended up buying all my Christmas cards. I’ve found that that is really the cheapest place to buy them, and do they have a section of inspirational ones. I’m particular about how mine are worded, so I like to shop for them before the selection is picked over. Now if I really wanted to get ahead of schedule, I’d start addressing them – but that’s not likely just yet. 🙂

4. A cheerful checker. At the same store, the sales clerk where I checked out was exceptionally cheerful and friendly, and it totally brightened my day. I’m not naturally like that, so I admire people who are, but it did convict me that a smile and bit of conversation and interest in others is better than being always caught up in my own thoughts.

5. Online shopping successes. I’m going to combine two in one here. 🙂 I had seen something on Pinterest that I was interested in getting Timothy for Christmas, but when I clicked through to the Etsy shop the item was from, it said they were all sold. I messaged the owner to see if there was any possibility she might be making more, and she told me she had one left and would be willing to sell it to me! Then I saw something else while out shopping and came home to compare prices and similar items online, and found it at Target. It was a little more there, but they had a 20% off code for kid’s toys and free shipping, which made it lower than anyone else had it. (No affiliate ads  or links here – just sharing what I found.)

Bonus: Early voting. I had thought you could only vote early if there was some reason you couldn’t vote on election day. I was happy to be found wrong, and avoided the long lines by voting this week. Although I’m not always thrilled with the choice of candidates, I’m thankful for the privilege of voting and don’t take it lightly.

That’s our week – hope you had a good one, too, or at least can find some good in it. Happy Friday!


9 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Thankful to be able to vote early, too. I’ve always used the absentee ballot. Thankful that fire didn’t get out of control — the photo never ceases to amaze me how the fence seemed to divert the spread. Congrats on your Christmas shopping! I can’t believe you’ve got some gifts done already.

  2. I have been thankful to be able to vote early too. I vote mail in ballot. It began a “absentee ballot” because one year I was going to be away during election day and it was so convenient that kept doing it.

  3. Wow…you were really spared well with that fire. I’m glad you could vote early and not stand in lines. Our state has gone to all mail in ballots. Yippee for successful online shopping. Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. It’s funny how God works in regard to your trees and the fire isn’t it? When I get an exceptionally good clerk at a department store I find out their name and go to the service desk to let them know how happy I was with that person’s service. I even fill out a questionnaire slip if they are available. Those things can go in an employees file and may be helpful for raises and promotions. If they go the extra mile they should get credit for it.

  5. OH, I will get my cards this weekend now!!! I’ll get some for Grandma too so she can be writing them and getting them ready. She needs “busy” stuff to do. I have become a huge fan of online shopping. I have the WM app on my phone, once I have $50 in my cart we get free shipping. I hardly ever have to go to the store anymore.
    I could watch Finding Nemo a hundred time. LOVE that movie! 🙂
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Wow! Having been very very close to a wild fire a few years ago, I can empathize with your thankfulness and relief that the fire next to your house was as ‘uneventful’ as it was.
    Oh dear–Christmas cards—thanks for the reminder!
    I hope you enjoy more pizzas and movies with your family soon!

  7. My goodness that was a close call with the fire. Praise God it wasn’t worse and your property and fence were spared! Pizza and movie night is one of favorite things to do on a Friday night. I’m humming and hawwing over Christmas cards this year. Last year I didn’t get a one which made me really sad. I remember my mom having them covering almost every surface in the living room. Gone are those days, I think, at least here in Canada where it costs 85 cents a letter to mail.

  8. we dont seem to have early voting here in the grand state of NY ( eyes rolling here!!). but it would be nice!!! of course both major party candidates are gonna be just 2 hours south of us in NYC tomorrow night so the cap region will be waiting with bated breath to see who wins. i KNOW my candidate most likely wont be. ( johnson). sigh.

    praise God that fire wasnt worse amd didnt hurt anyone!!!!

    i love a good sale. i refuse to shop at w-mart but our target is awesome and i love their cartwheel app where you can get a further reduction!!

    have. lovely week!

  9. Oh, wow – what a blessing about the fire and the trees being cut down some time ago. It is awesome when we get to see some of the “whys” answered.

    A pizza and movie night sounds just perfect for a fall night. You’ve inspired me to do the same with some friends. It has been a long time since I’ve seen the Nemo movie. I recently saw Finding Dory and it was a lot of laughs.

    Hurray for you on getting your Christmas cards bought already. I need to look and see if I have any left. I usually address them Thanksgiving weekend which will be here before we know it.

    Have a great week.

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