Friday’s Fave Five

christmas FFF

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

It’s officially the Christmas season! At least, I count the day after Thanksgiving as the beginning, though I’ve cheated a little bit by listening to some Christmas music already. And though winter isn’t officially proclaimed for a few weeks yet, winter weather has arrived here with several nights down in the 20s. But as I write this, it’s warm and cozy inside and I’m ready to think over highlights of the past week.

1. Making and giving ornaments to Timothy, discussed with more pictures here. His parents put his own little Christmas tree up and asked me to make some ornaments for it. I think he likes them. 🙂


2. Rain. We’re still way behind the amount of rain we need, but we did get some this week with more forecast for next week.

3. Winning eBay auctions. I don’t do a whole lot with eBay, but somehow I came across a sale of some hand towels and hot pads that match my Pfaltzgraf Tea Rose pattern dishes. Some of the dishes and accessories can be found thee pretty easily, but linens are rare. I was watching the countdown of each bid and even got into a bidding war on one item – but I won them all. It was rather exciting! Thankfully they were all from one seller, so she combined them with a lower shipping price than stated.

4. Shelves. My husband put up shelves in Jason and Mittu’s garage and had a couple left. He asked me if I wanted them in the laundry room. At first I didn’t think so, but the more I thought about it, the better the idea sounded. I was so pleased with them! All that stuff was either on top of the dryer or on a counter. Much neater now!


5. Thanksgiving. I so enjoyed the emphasis on remembering our blessings and thanking God for them, the time with family, and the delicious food we had been looking forward to for weeks!

Last week I mentioned being thankful that the big tree our neighbors were having cut down didn’t fall on the fence, or, worse yet, the house. I didn’t have a picture then, but here it is now. As you can tell, it came awfully close!


Hope you’ve had a great week! Happy Friday!


7 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. That was definitely a close call with the tree. The shelves look great in that space and very practical. You’re lucky to have a hubby who can DIY – if my hubby had put them up they’d either be falling down already or at least be slanted! Lovely tree ornaments you made. Have a good weekend.

  2. Your ornaments for Timothy’s tree are adorable! What a good idea of him having his own tree with unbreakable ornaments … hmm… you may have given me an idea for the twins.

    Boy, that treefall was definitely close to your fence. Such a nice fence – it would have a shame to have it damaged.

  3. oh how precious your grandson is with that tree and the ornaments!! how fun!

    praise the Lord that tree didnt do any damage on your side!

    i wish i had a laundry room! yours looks nice. i have a “laundry area” in the basement. 😜

    Here’s to another blessed Thanksgiving and the start of the Christmas season.

  4. I’m like Faith, a laundry area in the corner of the basement so I’m drooling over your nice and neat laundry room. Great idea your hubby had to offer you those shelves. It looks great. Timothy is adorable with his little tree. Many hours of fun coming decorating and redecorating I’m sure!

  5. Isn’t it wonderful to make use of something you never knew you needed! And how nice of your husband to think of it.

    Love those ornaments for Timothy’s tree. He looks pretty intent on getting things just right. And congrats on your ebay wins.

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