Friday’s Fave Five

christmas FFF

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

It’s been a super-busy week here, and I think it must be nearly everywhere. Most of the blogs I read have been fairy quiet since Thanksgiving. December ushers in some extra tasks, but they’re fun ones for the most part. Here are the favorite parts of the last week:

1. Decorating for Christmas. My little grandson’s family has an artificial tree, so they came along with us so he could have the experience of shopping for a live one. Then they brought over apple cider and donuts and made lunch while we decorated. Timothy had a lot of fun opening boxes of ornaments and decorations and helping set them out.


“This looks like a good one!”



Tall uncles help us reach the high places. 🙂

2. Cyber shopping. We got the great bulk of the the Christmas shopping done between Black Friday and Cyber Monday online, and I think I got most of the rest of it done in town today. I think it is fun to get out in stores a little bit, but I really love shopping online. Came across some good deals, too!

3. Another eBay auction win. While looking at the linens I mentioned last week that go along with my Pfaltzgraf Tea Rose dishes, I saw a couple of casserole dishes listed as well. I kept an eye on them til the auction was due to close this week and got them for about $8 each! And now I am staying away from eBay for a while….

4. Rain. This area has been so abnormally dry for months now, and we got a little rain last week, but one day this week we got 6″ in one day. There have been so many fires in the area, the most recent being in the Gatlinburg area, as I am sure many of you have heard. We need more good, soaking rains.

5. A printer at church that folds and staples. I compile a ladies’ booklet once a month for church, and I used to have to go in after it was printed to staple and fold them. We don’t live close to our church, and sometimes it was a nice excursion out alone, but sometimes when life was busy it put a crunch in the schedule. A few months ago the church got a new printer that assembles and staples them all, and I haven’t thought to mention it til now. At first I still felt like I should go over and make sure they all came out all right, but I resisted. With a busy week like this one, it was really nice not to have to.

I hope your first few days of December and your Christmas preparations are going well!


5 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I love how even the little things can make us stop and say thank you, like the printer that staples and folds. 🙂 I’ve been sitting here listening to my sink drip (and finally getting up to stop it!) and it reminded me to be VERY thankful that I have clean running water at my fingertips every day when so many people don’t. I don’t want to be wasteful with it.
    We got some rain too this week. So grateful for that!

  2. My prayers have been with the folks in TN who are going through that horrible fire. The Smoky Mts are on my bucket list of places to visit/hike in and my heart was broken to see the devastation on the news. Glad you are not that close to it! We too needed rain here in eastern NY and we got some this week…2 days of it. I also got the bulk of my xmas gift shopping done online last weekend. It’s a wonderful feeling. I also firmly believe in shopping LOCAL at small stores that aren’t chains, so am heading to a couple of small shops in Saratoga on Monday to finish things up. We put our tree up too and it’s so much fun getting the house ready for Christmas. Enjoy your weekend and that grandson!!

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