Book Review: The Voice of Experience

voice-of-experienceSamuel and Jane K. Brody are a husband and wife medical team: he is a doctor and she is a psychiatric nurse. In The Voice of Experience: Stories About Health Care and the Elderly they bring their medical experience as well as their personal experience with aging parents to bear in discussing various issues related to health care of the elderly.

The book is divided into five sections, beginning with “Assessing the Situation” when an elderly person first starts manifesting that they might need additional care, through safety issues, quality of life concerns, aspects of decision making, and end of life issues.

There is not a clear cut way to handle many of the issues discussed: so much depends on the general state of health of the person, personal preferences, family dynamics, etc. But these chapters do give examples, good and bad, and a doctor’s advice and wisdom.

For my own purposes, with my mother-in-law’s decline over the last dozen or so years, much of this was not new to me, but I did benefit from it, and some of the end of life discussions clarified some things for me. I think this book would be helpful to anyone at any stage in the process.

It appears to be self-published and would have benefited from an editor to catch a few grammatical errors and awkward phrases, but they are very few.

Genre: Non-fiction
Potential objectionable elements: None
My rating: 8 out of 10

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4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Voice of Experience

  1. I have mixed feelings about self publishing. It’s good that people can have a way to publish their books if they don’t have a publisher willing to buy their work; however, the reason you stated above – catching the errors – is a negative. Also, there are people who need help with style, trimming their words, and basically “packaging” their work. They need editors. 🙂

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