Laura Ingalls Wilder Reading Challenge 2017

I hope you’ll forgive multiple posts in a day. The first two were reading challenge wrap-ups, required for the challenge but probably not of interest generally to anyone else, especially since I’ve already posted books read in 2016 and my favorites thereof. 🙂 And I did want to get information posted about the Laura Ingalls Wilder Reading Challenge for this year.

The month of February contains the dates of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s birth and death, so it seems a fitting month to focus on her life and writings, especially this year, which marks her 150th birthday. This is our sixth year to host this challenge, and I have enjoyed it each time. Many of us grew up reading the Little House books. I don’t know if there has ever been a time when there wasn’t interest in the Little House series since it first came out. They are enjoyable as children’s books, but they are enjoyable for adults as well. It’s fascinating to explore real pioneer roots and heartening to read of the family relationships and values.

On Feb. 1 I’ll have a sign-up post where you can let us know if you’ll be participating and what you’d like to read. That way we can peek in on each other through the month and see how it’s going (that’s half the fun of a reading challenge). You can read anything by or about Laura. You can read alone or with your children or a friend. You can read just one book or several throughout the month — whatever works with your schedule. If you’d like to prepare some food or crafts or activities somehow relating to Laura or her books, that would be really neat too. Annette at the Little House Companion blog has some neat ideas for Laura-related activities. You do not have to have a blog to participate: if you don’t, you can just share with us in the comments on the sign-up post Feb. 1 that you’ll be participating.

On Feb 28 I’ll have a wrap-up post so you can link back to any posts you’ve written for the challenge or to a wrap-up post.

Need some ideas beyond the Little House books themselves? Annette, as I mentioned, has shared several books for children here. I compiled a list of Books Related to Laura Ingalls Wilder, and some others are listed in the comments. Laura fan extraordinaire and historian Melanie Stringer has a treasure trove of information at Meet Laura Ingalls Wilder.

I don’t know how many more years I will continue to host this challenge -probably just one or two – so I encourage you to join in before it’s all over. Have fun gathering your materials and planning what to read and do, and I’ll see you at the sign-up post on Feb. 1!

I am having trouble making a code that you can use to put the button on your site, but in the meantime, you can right click on the button below, click on “Save as”, then save it to your computer to use in your post. I’d appreciate your linking back to this post if you participate in the challenge. Thanks!



9 thoughts on “Laura Ingalls Wilder Reading Challenge 2017

  1. I’ve already got the head start I need (due to some LIW birthday presentations), but plan to join in the reading fun. 🙂 Thank you for the reminder! And thanks for telling others about my Little House Companion blog!

  2. I just ordered my book and am looking forward to the challenge! Thank you for sharing your lists of books that pertain to her.

  3. What fun! Lord willing, I want to participate. I have many books about Laura. Also some cookbooks and paper dolls too. A few years ago I had to put a halt to my enthusiasm for owning every book that was ever written by Laura or about Laura! When I was teaching I loved reading Laura’s first book to the class and then watch as the kids checked the remaining books from the school library and their enthusiasm grew for her books. I think I missed your book list that Dianna is talking about, so will have to go back and investigate your blog post again. I will be participating as an enthusiastic reader. I don’t have a blog. I just enjoy all the hard work others put in to their blogs!!

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  5. Thank you for the shout-out! I really appreciate that.

    I plan to re-read some of my favorites and add a few new items that have been sitting patiently on my shelf waiting for me to get started on them. Classes and presentations keep me hopping, and 2016 was particularly well-booked, so I am a bit behind where I’d like to be in my reading. Your challenge is also the motivation I need to tackle the long-overdue revision of my recommended reading list specific to Laura, so perhaps I will get that done before the end of January? Here’s hoping.

    Meanwhile, I expect to read and/or review the following in time for LIW’s sesquicentennial:

    Anderson, William, ed.. THE SELECTED LETTERS OF LAURA INGALLS WILDER. Harper, 2016. (ISBN: 978-0062419682)

    Lauters, Amy Mattson, ed. THE REDISCOVERED WRITINGS OF ROSE WILDER LANE, LITERARY JOURNALIST. University of Missouri Press, 2007. (ISBN: 978-0-8262-1721-9)

    Miller, John E. LAURA INGALLS WILDER’S LITTLE TOWN: Where History and Literature Meet. University Press of Kansas, 1994. (ISBN: 978-070060713-6)

    Romines, Ann. CONSTRUCTING THE LITTLE HOUSE: Gender, Culture, and Laura Ingalls Wilder. University of Massachusetts Press, 1997. (ISBN: 978-155849-122-9)

    Woodside, Christine. LIBERTARIANS ON THE PRAIRIE: Laura Ingalls Wilder, Rose Wilder Lane, and the making of the Little House books. Arcade Publishing, 2016. (ISBN: 978-1628726565)

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