Friday’s Fave Five

FFF snowflakes

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

This has been….not the best week I’ve had in a long time. I caught my husband’s cold last weekend, started feeling better Tuesday, then felt worse on Wednesday. I hadn’t had one in a while and had forgotten just how much they can take out of you. But sometimes when the week isn’t all sunshine and roses, it’s even more important to stop and look for the blessings in it. Here are a few from last week:

1. Restoring order. I always have mixed emotions about putting the Christmas decorations away. I hate to see them go, especially the lights, but do like getting everything back in order again. I’m thankful my husband and youngest son help with this – otherwise it would take me days rather than taking us together a morning. Then I’ve been able to declutter a bit here and there the piles that accumulate when life is busy and some paperwork from last year.

2. Snow day! We got maybe an inch or two last Friday, which for us Southerners is a really big deal. 🙂 Thankfully the roads weren’t too bad at all this time. Jason and his family came over on Saturday so Timothy could sled down a little hill in the back. There was such a difference from last year – when he was frowning and not quite sure what to make of it, to this year, when he loved it.



Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of him smiling and laughing on the sled – those are all on video, and I can’t upload personal videos here without paying extra for the privilege. But it was a fun day. 🙂

3. The bath aide came in the snow. That might sound like an odd one, but in the past, if we’ve had any kind of snow or ice on the ground, no one from hospice comes out, though I guess they would in an emergency. I can’t blame them – those of us who aren’t used to driving in the snow get kind of anxious about it, plus our roads aren’t treated as much as they are up North where snow is a regular occurrence. On my mother-in-law’s usual bath day, I was thinking I would probably have to do it, which I wasn’t looking forward to with both a broken toe and a cold. But we’ve had a different aide for the last several weeks, and she did come, just a little later than usual.

4. Brownie mixes when you want something sweet but not terribly involved.

5. A slight schedule change for my mother-in-law’s afternoon routine has made a big difference for the better in how I can arrange my time and tasks.

Bonus: Cough drops and tissues with lotion in them. 🙂 And I’m thankful that my m-i-l hasn’t caught anything from either of us.

I think we’ve turned a corner with our colds, so I’m looking forward to a more productive week ahead. Hope you have a good one, too.



7 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Sorry about that cold, Barbara. You’re so industrious and have a full plate, so I’m glad to see helpfulness from several quarters in your faves. Plus that adorable Timothy. Get well soon!

  2. I know you are enjoying every minute that you get with Timothy. He is at such a fun age! I loved the second picture of him with his little head thrown back and mouth wide open to catch the snow in his mouth!

    I’m surely sorry to hear about the nasty colds that you and your husband have had. I am glad that your mother-in-law hasn’t come down with it.

    What a blessing that the aide came out even in the snow and was able to bathe your mother-in-law. I’m certain that you were relieved.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Barbara.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your illness. Hope you are on the mend soon! I discovered, about 4 years ago, that if I eat a half grapefruit every morning in the winter months, plus take a vitamin c tablet I am able to keep colds away!! Now, this doesn’t work on bacterial infections but i think I’ve discovered something that helps that, too! It’s called On Guard by DoTerra (you can buy from amazon now and save money). they are essential oils blend in a tiny beadlet that you take like a vitamin. I started them last March and haven’t had a cold since OR a sinus infection which I tend to get every early winter. Highly recommend!!

    How wonderful that your grandson got to play and enjoy the snow. We are snowless here in eastern NY…although all around us there is plenty of it.

    That’s good news about your m-i-l and her new aide!!

    Get well soon!!

  4. Oh, I love those pictures! They say a thousand words.

    So nice to get back to the ordinary pleasures after all the holiday rush. It’s nice that your MIL’s schedule is working out well for you.

    Have a good weekend, Barbara!

  5. Oh, so sorry about your cold. I’m glad the hospice aide showed up to help you out. I love those brownie mixes too. Have a good weekend. I hope you feel better quickly.

  6. Those winter colds can be downright draining. Hope you are on the tail end of it and will be back to full health quickly. It had dumped more snow in a short time than we have had in a long time. The pile that gets shoveled off our driveway is a good 3 ft high right now. The kids love it!

  7. I hope you are feeling better this weekend–the colds this year seem to be quite nasty–I had two back to back when I was on the east coast. No fun.
    The photos of Timothy enjoying the snow are so sweet!

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